"Thinking," Yasmeen Zaid, Eighth Grade, MS 226Q

I let go of everything                           

and let the wind take me                      

soaring through my dreams                    

where i feel really happy.                    


My dreams have no limits                     

they go forever with me                      

my dreams tell me something                

about who i want to be                       


I want to be some one

some one really big

like a doctor, or maybe an artist

but something inside of me tells me

that i want to be a writer


Writing heals all the pain inside of me

writing makes me feel

like i am talking to some one

who really understands me


But to be who i want to be

i must work hard

work hard and hard to overcome

overcome all the obstacles that come in front of me


obstacles like when people tease me

tease me because of what's outside  of me

the problem is that they don't look

don't look inside of me


I can’t choose who i want to be

but i know i will be someone

because i’ve worked really, really hard


I left go of every thing

and let the wind take me

soaring through my dreams

where i feel really happy