Applying and Getting Hired





Step Two: Apply Online

Online Teacher Application

The Online Teacher Application is required for all teaching candidates seeking positions in New York City public schools, including any opportunities that may arise during the remainder of the current school year.

Although you will be able to save and continue your application another time, we encourage you to prepare some materials that you will need in advance:

  • Details regarding your teaching and professional experience
  • Supporting documentation to demonstrate you meet the certification requirements to teach in New York State
  • Academic history including GPA
  • Professional references (at least one, but no more than three)
  • Current resume
  • Well thought out responses to three writing prompts
  • A sample lesson plan

Don’t rush through the application – it’s your first chance to make a great impression on our recruiters and the school principals who will invite you to interview. We receive thousands of applications each year, so making sure your resume is comprehensive and well-formatted, and that your essays are well-written, helps you stand out from the crowd.

For more information on how to complete the application, please review our Online Teacher Application Guide.

Please note: The Online Teacher Application is for full-time teaching positions only. If you are interested in applying for other positions such as substitutes and pupil personnel services, please visit the Pupil Personnel & Substitutes page. Additionally, if you have been accepted into the New York City Teaching Fellows program, please await specific instructions from the NYCTF office before starting an online teacher application.

Application Deadlines

In a typical hiring season, the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality (TRQ) utilizes the following, three-deadline system:

  • First Priority Deadline - Candidates who apply by this first priority deadline secure early consideration to the New Teacher Finder (NTF) database, and position themselves for access to the full TeachNYC Academy webinar series (exclusive for NTF members) as well as possible enhanced support such as selection to the TeachNYC Select Recruits program. For 2015-16, the first priority deadline will be Monday, March 23.

  • Second Priority Deadline - Final deadline for consideration to the TeachNYC Select Recruits program. Candidates who apply by this deadline may also be considered for a wide range of job search and school networking events. For 2015-16, the second priority deadline will fall on Monday, April 27.

  • Final Deadline - The last chance for candidates who wish to receive our standard review process, New Teacher Finder consideration and related support from the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality. For 2015-16, our final deadline will be Monday, June 29, however the application will remain open into the fall, to ensure candidates can fulfill this required component.

What Happens Next

After you complete and submit your application, our recruitment team will evaluate it to make sure you meet the minimum criteria and then assess the quality of the application. Within two weeks of your submission, you’ll hear back from us with one of the following updates.

  • We may ask for more information if your application was incomplete. Most often, we ask for more information about your teacher certification.
  • We will let you know if you are eligible for job-search support. If you are, you will be admitted into the New Teacher Finder and be able to take advantage of all of the TRQ resources available to members. 
  • In addition to becoming a member of the New Teacher Finder, some of you will be invited to interview for TeachNYC Select Recruits, our program for outstanding candidates who show potential to be great teachers, leaders, and change agents in our schools. TeachNYC Select Recruits are most often certified in shortage subject areas.
  • In some cases, the NYCDOE will not be able to assist you in your job search, in which case we’ll let you know the reason, which can include not being eligible to teach in New York City, not having a valid teaching certificate, or failing our application quality screening process.

Current and Former NYC Employees

If you are working for our school system currently or have in the past, you should note the following:

  • If you are a current NYCDOE teacher and are seeking a transfer, you should not complete the new teacher application. Instead, you need to use the Open Market Hiring System, which can be accessed from the Teacher Hiring Support Center portal.
  • If you are a current NYCDOE employee working in another title (paraprofessional, parent coordinator, etc.) who now wants to become a teacher, you must complete a new Online Teacher Application.
  • If you are a former New York City public teacher seeking to return, you also must complete a new Online Teacher Application. 

Online Teacher Application