Applying and Getting Hired



Step One: Research and Prepare

Our hiring process and application isn’t something that most applicants complete in a single sitting, and you’ll have an easier time with it if you are prepared in advance.

Confirm Your Eligibility to Teach and Obtain Necessary Documentation

All teachers working in the city’s public schools must have a valid teaching certificate from the New York State Education Department. There are multiple ways to obtain a certificate, including interstate/ international reciprocity, alternative routes for career-changers and recent graduates, and specialized pathways for career and technical educators.

In order to review your application, we will need to confirm that you are on target to receive certification before September of the year in which you hope to start teaching. If you are already certified by the New York State Education Department, we will receive that information automatically.

If you are currently completing an undergraduate or graduate teacher preparation program, you must provide a letter, approved by your college or university, stating that you are on track to complete your certification requirements before the beginning of the upcoming school year. If you are unable to obtain a letter, you can provide a copy of your student transcript demonstrating that you have completed, or are in the process of completing, your student teaching requirement. During the application process, we'll prompt you to attach a copy of the letter or your transcript as part of the online application or fax it to our office.

If you are certified in another state, you must provide us with a copy of that certificate. Likewise, you can attach a copy of your certificate as part of the online application or fax it to our office.

Attend an Online Information Session

Our recruiters host online information sessions that offer in-depth information on getting hired as a New York City public school teacher. Each session offers the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our application process. You can also submit questions and chat with the presenters.

If you are unable to make an online information session, you can view a recorded version at your convenience.

Attend an In-Person Information Session

From September to May, our recruiters visit campuses throughout New York City to meet with interested candidates and share information about becoming a public school teacher. See the schedule of events to find out when we’re hosting our next sessions. Please note that only people invited to the event by that university or college can attend.

Begin Researching Schools

With almost 1,700 schools, it's important for teachers to find the right fit in a school that's a good match for their skills and interests. To help refine your search and identify the schools that fit you best, you can use School Search to find schools by borough and grade level.

When you click on a school marker on the map, a window will appear that provides some basic information about that school (name, grades taught, enrollment) as well as a link to the school's website. This is where you will find much more school-specific information, such as the Progress Report, School Survey results, and the Quality Review. These documents provide critical and comprehensive information on each school and should help inform your job search. 

Progress Reports grade each school with an A, B, C, D, or F to help you understand how a school is doing and compare it to other, similar schools.

School Surveys summarize school environment information based on survey responses from teachers, parents, and students.

Quality Reviews provide more in-depth profiles of each school, based on two- to three-day visits by experienced educators who talk to parents, students, and staff, observe classrooms, and review how schools use information and set goals to improve learning for all students.