Applying and Getting Hired



Step Four: Find a School-based Position

Once your application has been accepted, you can begin searching for a position in one of our schools. Hiring decisions are made by individual school principals, and jobs are competitive. While we are not sure how many positions will be available this year, we anticipate there will be some vacancies in high-need subject areas, including math, science, English as a Second Language (ESL). Finally, while many principals begin collecting information and networking with interested candidates in the spring, most final hiring decisions are made during the summer.

The Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality provides the following job search resources:

New Teacher Finder

Our online tool allows hiring principals to search the current pool of members and also post open positions. Principals may contact you through the tool and use it to schedule interviews. In addition, we offer professional development sessions and other resources through the New Teacher Finder.

Teacher Recruitment Fairs

We coordinate a number of recruitment fairs throughout the year where invited New Teacher Finder members can meet hiring principals. These events are only open to invited candidates, so be sure to complete your application as early as possible in order to be considered. Events early in the hiring season may not result in an immediate job offer, but it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to principals so that they will consider you when they are ready to interview and fill an open position.

Principal Panels and I TEACH NYC Tours

The Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality holds other events to help New Teacher Finder members network with principals and schools. These include Principal Panels and our I TEACH NYC Tours.

Principal Panels are co-hosted with colleges in the New York metro area. At these Principal Panels, principal alumni of the college talk about what it’s like to work in our schools and offer advice to students who will soon be joining the job market. You may also have the opportunity to network and provide your resume to the principals on the panel. In the past, 90% of our TeachNYC Select Recruits members who participated in a Principal Panel indicated they would recommend them to another teacher. New Teacher Finder members will be notified by email if an event is being hosted at their college or university.

Our I TEACH NYC Tours are two-day events where selected New Teacher Finder members meet principals and teachers in some of our great schools, experience their neighborhoods, get advice on interviewing and job searching from our knowledgeable recruitment staff, and often interview for TeachNYC Select Recruits. Tours are generally conducted in schools in the Bronx, central Brooklyn, and District 75. If you are eligible, you will receive information on how to register for an I TEACH NYC Tour via email.

High-Need Schools

We hope that all candidates will consider working in our highest-need schools. We offer financial incentives to teachers who work in of these schools, including annual, tax-free grants of up to $3,400 for up to four years through our Teachers of Tomorrow program.

School Research Tools

With such a diverse range of neighborhoods and schools to choose from in New York City, identifying the school that best fits your needs can be intimidating. Before you apply, it's important to take advantage of the research tools available to you to help ease this process and set your job search up for success.

Direct Contact

New York City hiring decisions are made at the school level by principals and key staff so you are also encouraged to contact schools directly.  Do not blanket schools with a resume and generic cover letter; you'll want to target your efforts so you stand out to interested schools.