Applying and Getting Hired




Step Three: Use the New Teacher Finder

The New Teacher Finder was developed in 2008 as a way for principals to access high quality applicants for their potential openings. It has evolved into an invaluable and necessary resource for any person wanting to teach in the New York City public schools.

You will be admitted into the New Teacher Finder based on an evaluation of your application, including your essays. Applying early will ensure you get the greatest access to these services.

Access to Principals

Principals search the New Teacher Finder pool to find high quality members with employment preferences that match their needs. New Teacher Finder members are also notified when schools post open positions so they can contact these schools and apply, if interested.

Important Resources and Online Events

When New Teacher Finder members log onto their applications, they see a portal of resources and information, including a history of communication from the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality and a list of event invitations. Members are also eligible to attend bi-weekly webinars and chats that are scheduled between March and August every recruitment season. Topics last year included:

  • Resume Writing
  • Mastering the Interview
  • Powerful Portfolios
  • Teaching in the Bronx, Central Brooklyn and District 75
  • Financial Management (sponsored by Citibank)

Historically, 90% of New Teacher Finder members have said that they would recommend the webinars to a fellow applicant. Recorded webinars are also often made available to New Teacher Finder members to view at their convenience.

Finally, New Teacher Finder members certified in our highest need subjects, including special education and science, are invited to record an online interview that can be used in the matching process. Eligible candidates will be emailed online interview procedures.

Gateway to Networking and Recruitment Opportunities

We also host many in-person events and opportunities that are exclusive to New Teacher Finder members. These include interviews for TeachNYC Select Recruits, Teacher Recruitment Fairs, Principal Panels, and our I Teach NYC tours.

Testimonials from past Applicant Surveys

If you are not yet convinced of the quality of the services provided through the New Teacher Finder, read some statements from some recent members on their experience.

  • “The services were excellent. In particular, the information on how to research schools in NYC was very helpful and informative as well as the many online chats and information on the various aspects of the interview process and the different types of schools in NYC.”
  • “I teach in a high need area (special education). I was persistent and used the New Teacher Finder. It was extremely helpful in giving me updates on what was happening. Great job!"
  • “I will say that just today I was hired by a school that I applied to through the New Teacher Finder so thank you for the opportunity to post my information online. I also created a video- I was grateful for the opportunity.”
  • “I thought the Office of TRQ did a good job of explaining the whole process of obtaining a job with the NYC school system. I felt the online webinars allowed for flexibility for out of state teacher candidates which was more than other school systems offer. I also appreciated TRQ's honesty about the difficulties of trying to realistically obtain a job in a difficult fiscal year. Overall, I had a good experience.”
  • “I am grateful to the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality for enabling me to find a teaching job in the New York City public schools. I am appreciative of all the effort that went into making it possible. Again, THANK YOU! to the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality for enabling me to find a teaching job in the NYC public schools!”