Getting Certified

Career and Technical Education Certification

The New York City Department of Education is actively seeking individuals with industry experience in career and technical subjects to teach the approximately 142,000 students enrolled in over 250 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study and in individual elective courses throughout New York City.

These programs are located within designated "CTE Schools" or in comprehensive high schools. CTE programs integrate rigorous academic study with workforce skills in specific career pathways. Students receive instruction in an industry-related area and have the opportunity to graduate high school with industry-specific competencies and skills that lead to postsecondary education, further industry training, and/or entry into the workforce.

If you're interested in becoming a CTE teacher, the following is a list of New York State Education Department CTE subject clusters and certificate titles. To find the requirements for a specific subject, search for your specific subject area in the New York State Education Department certification requirements database.

Applicants with specific industry experience in trade areas and other subjects are welcome. Learn more on how to obtain certification based on industry experience. We are particularly interested in applicants with experience in health occupations, technical subjects, and graphic, printing, and visual communications.

Trade Subjects

  • Aviation/Aerospace Maintenance, Manufacturing and Repair Operations
    • Power Plant Maintenance and Repair; Ground Support Operations; Avionics; Airframe Maintenance and Repair
  • Construction Industry and Building Maintenance Occupations
    • Residential/Commercial Building Maintenance and Remodeling; Masonry; Plumbing; Electrical; Carpentry; Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
  • Cosmetology Occupations
    • Cosmetology/Barbering
  • Drafting Occupations
    • Drafting; Computer-aided Drafting
  • Electronic/Electro-mechanical Occupations
    • Electrical/Electronic Equipment Occupations (repair and installation); Electro-mechanical Equipment Occupations (repair and installation)
  • Food Services
    • Culinary Careers
  • Graphic, Printing, and Visual Communications
    • Commercial Art; Graphic Imaging; Media Communications; Professional Photography
  • Motorcycle; Marine; Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Performing Arts
    • Dance - Modern; Dance - Classical Ballet; Dance - Music; Drama
  • Precision Metal Work
    • Welding; Machine Tool Operations/Machine Shop
  • Unique and Emerging Occupations
    • Optical Mechanics; Warehousing; Ophthalmic Dispensing; Upholstering; Textile Production and Fabrication; Travel Services; Security Operations
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
    • Vehicle Mechanical Repair;Vehicle Body Repair and Painting

Other Subjects

  • Agriculture
    • Animal Production (Science and Business); Agricultural Mechanics and Engineering; Plant Science; Animal Science; Natural Resources and Ecology
  • Health Occupations
    • Practical Nursing; Dental Assisting; Medical Laboratory Technology; Medical Assisting; Dental Laboratory Technology; Nurse's Assisting; Emergency Medical Services; Personal Training Assisting; Pharmacy Assisting
  • Family and Consumer Science
    • Food and Nutrition; Textile and Design; Human Services; Family Studies
  • Technical Subjects
    • Computer Technology; Electrical-Electronic Technology; Mechanical Technology

If you have more general questions about CTE programs of study in New York City, please send us an e-mail.