TeachNYC Select Recruits

"[Select Recruits] was instrumental in my job search. If it weren’t for this program, I wouldn't have a job today." –Select Recruits Alumna

What is the TeachNYC Select Recruits Program?

TeachNYC Select RecruitsThe Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality (TRQ) selects top tier prospective teachers in shortage subject areas for a job search support program called TeachNYC Select Recruits. Select Recruits are a diverse and talented mix of candidates who, through the Online Teacher Application and a rigorous interview process, have shown great potential for success in the classroom, including the capacity to increase student achievement and serve as effective leaders and contributors in their school community. Some Select Recruits have prior teaching experience outside of the NYC Department of Education while others are recent college graduates with a record of excellence. 

Select Recruits are significantly more likely to be hired in our schools than other applicants. Of those Select Recruits who remained active in the pool, 90% were hired for the 2013-14 school year.

The TeachNYC Select Recruits cohort has grown over the last several years. Projections for cohort size and subject areas change annually based on the needs of the school system. In recent years, ESL, special education, and science have been shortage area subjects, and prospective teachers in these areas have been invited to interview. TRQ is specifically looking for excellent candidates who are interested in teaching in high-need schools.

What are the benefits of being a TeachNYC Select Recruit?

There are many benefits of interviewing and being selected for Select Recruits, including:

  • TRQ Referrals: Select Recruits are directly referred to teacher vacancies in high-need schools. 

  • Events: Select Recruits are guaranteed admission to New York City Department of Education sponsored recruitment events throughout the spring and summer to meet and network with principals with anticipated teacher vacancies at their school. 

  • New Teacher Finder: Select Recruits are promoted in our online database for principals seeking teacher applicants, with flags that identify them as members of the program. 

What are the eligibility requirements for TeachNYC Select Recruits?

  • Possess or be eligible for New York State Initial, Conditional Initial (reciprocity), or Professional Certificate. (Teachers with Internship or Transitional B Certificates are NOT eligible for Select Recruits.)

  • Submit an excellent Online Teacher Application that meets the criteria for admission into the New Teacher Finder. Please note that not all applicants are admitted to the New Teacher Finder, and not all New Teacher Finder members are invited to interview for TeachNYC Select Recruits.

  • Hold a certification in an eligible shortage subject area. 

  • Be flexible with job search preferences; have interest in teaching in areas of need.

How can I apply?

There is no separate application for TeachNYC Select Recruits. To be considered, prospective teachers should complete a high-quality Online Teacher Application by our established TeachNYC Select Recruits priority deadlines:

  • March 17, 2014 - Early consideration deadline
  • April 25, 2014 - Final deadline

A teacher’s certification area, along with the quality of his or her resume and essays, will determine whether he or she will be invited to interview for TeachNYC Select Recruits.

What do Select Recruit Alums say about the program?

  • "My experience was very helpful and my entire experience very professional and reassuring." 

  • "I truly enjoyed the program. I benefited from each webinar and fair. They were all informative. The skill of each recruiter is absolutely priceless!" 

  • "I feel that [Select Recruits] gave me a distinct edge. I was hired at the Bronx job fair, which I was invited to as a member of [Select Recruits], and my success there was based on a strong connection made with the hiring principal."

For more information about the TeachNYC Select Recruits program, please email us at selectrecruits@schools.nyc.gov.