In order to become a full-time paraprofessional, one must first become a substitute paraprofessional.

Paraprofessionals are teaching assistants who provide instructional services to students under the general supervision of a certified teacher.  In New York City, most paraprofessionals work in special education and early childhood education settings.  Full-time paraprofessionals receive a generous benefits package (healthcare, paid leave, pension, etc.) and may avail themselves to opportunities such as tuition assistance and paid release time for college study.  Full-time employees are also entitled to a salary above the minimum ($21,713), based upon college credits and/or related work experience.  For example, the starting salary for a paraprofessional with 45 college credits and no experience is currently $26,343.

Prior to being eligible for full-time employment, educational paraprofessionals are required to work as day-to-day substitute paraprofessionals.  Subsequently, subject to meeting hiring requirements, they will become eligible to apply for full-time paraprofessional positions.  However, appointment to a full-time position is based on each school’s vacancies, is competitive and is NOT guaranteed.

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The Career Training Program provides tuition assistance for eligible substitute and full-time paraprofessionals.

Bilingual Paraprofessionals Pursuing a Career in Bilingual Education (BPS)
BPS is a Title I, Tax Levy program which operates within the New York City Department of Education's Division of Human Resources, Office of School Based Support Services. Its purpose is to prepare and train bilingual paraprofessionals in pursuit of a teaching career to support and serve English Language Learners (ELLs) in Title I public elementary schools. The goal is to promote linguistic and academic progress of these students, whose primary language is Spanish, Chinese or Haitian-Creole, by providing supportive instructional services through the assignment of our BPS teacher interns.

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A paraprofessional who already possesses a bachelor's degree may be eligible for certain scholarship programs