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Eric Ashton, Science, M509

What is your favorite lesson?

I actually love teaching the students the names of all the minerals and rocks. I quiz them verbally and they get so excited when they get them all right.

What is your favorite book?

Well, I'm proud to be a nerd so I guess I'll go with A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin.

What do you love most about teaching science?

It's so cool to understand all the things you see around you. Everyone notices things about the world: the sky is blue; children look like their parents; summer is hot and winter is cold. Science is all about explaining and understanding these observations.

Tell us about your perfect day.

Everyone passes the Regents.

Name the school supply you can't live without.


What is the best quotation you've heard from a student?

"Your class was horrible, mister; you actually made us learn!"

Eric Ashton is a Lead Teacher and Data Specialist and a winner of the NYC Teaching Fellows Award for Classroom Excellence.

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