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Jennifer Paynter, Kindergarten, K009

What is your favorite teaching moment?


When I can step aside and watch my students function and lead activities without me! 



What is your favorite book?


Anything written by Mo Willems is GREAT!  I like to think that the Pigeon and I have the same type of humor.  I love reading Mo Willems books with my students.  They have so many great reading and writing lessons in them.



What is your favorite lesson?


Rock Around the Clock! When teaching my students how to tell time, we rock it out to the song “Rock Around the Clock.” We dance around a giant floor clock and when the music stops, the children pick up a smaller clock and tell the time. What better way to learn how to tell time then doing the air guitar!



What is your favorite school trip?


I love taking my students on trips. The Aquarium has to be one of my favorites.  It’s wonderful to see how excited the kids get during the sea lion show. 



Tell us about your perfect day.


My perfect day in Kindergarten: My America Reads tutor (a wonderful helper) is in. We have an Author Celebration and parents come in to see the great work their kids have been doing. I love to see the pride on the faces of the parents and watch them interact with children besides their own by giving them encouraging words and hugs.  I get to hear my students read a book by Mo Willems with dramatized face and body expressions, just as I would read it. We get to cook and make book related art. Finally, Mr. Potato Head gets to eat (that’s our compliment jar), and none of my students “go to red” (my management chart).



What is your favorite tradition at your school?


The Kindergarten Promotional Exercise (graduation) has got to be one of the best days of the entire year. Watching my kids smiling from ear to ear, singing and dancing in their dress up clothes gives me goose bumps. 



Name the school supply you can't live without.


Sticky Tac.  The possibilities are endless. 


What is the best quotation you've heard from a student?


The questions they asked when we were interviewing a community worker (a real estate agent): 


-“Do you have secrets?”

-“Do you wear special clothes like they do on the cartoons?” 


No need to worry; afterwards, we clarified that a secret agent is something completely different from a real estate agent!