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Jacqueline Budanksy, First Grade, PS 29

What is your favorite book?

Anything written by Eric Carle! I love reading his books with my students. After studying his works, my class enjoys acting out his stories and using watercolor to illustrate our favorite parts.

What is your favorite tradition at your school?

One of my favorite traditions at PS 29 is spirit week. During spirit week, the staff and students dress up and perform different activities depending on the theme of the day. It's a week of celebrating our wonderful school. Some examples are: Student/Teacher Switch day, Bengal Day, and Superhero Day. As you pass through the halls you can see the smiles, hear the laughs, and feel the school spirit PS 29 shares!

What is your favorite teaching moment?

It is hard to pick out one single favorite teaching moment because I have had so many. However, a teaching moment becomes memorable to me when my students feel proud of themselves. One activity I like to do with my class is show them a sample of their baseline writing (from September) during the last month of school. When they see the progress they have made, it puts a smile on both our faces!

Name a school supply you can't live without.

One supply I can't live without are dry erase markers.  Although you start the year with a lot of them, they seem to disappear!

What is the best quotation you’ve heard from a student?

The best quotation I’ve heard was during a literacy lesson on comprehension. I was explaining to the children that when reading a book, a good idea is to think about what they already know about the topic. We call this “schema.” One of my first graders raised his hand and said, “Ms. B, I remember schema. That’s the filing cabinet you have in your brain.” He had the entire class laughing and asking me how to fit a filing cabinet in your head.

Tell us about your perfect day.

This year the perfect day was when my students put on their first grade play. The entire grade worked together to put on a mock Thanksgiving Day Parade. From floats to glitzy dance routines, we had it all. We even had our very own Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira. The students felt like superstars up on stage and we were all so proud of them. Our community was so impressed that the local newspaper wrote an article about their fantastic job!