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Additional guidance for schools on Advance

As we experience the first year of Advance, some administrators and teachers have understandably asked questions about the feedback process, the eventual ratings, and what they will mean for schools and teachers. Last week, some additional guidance was provided to principals to address some questions about how Advance should be used to support teachers' development and growth.

For example, principals have flexibility when it comes to decisions such as tenure and disciplinary action; there is no formula that they must follow to make these determinations. Each principal has the freedom to consider the unique circumstances of their school to ensure that teachers are treated fairly. Additionally, teachers with poor ratings have historically not been eligible for certain compensation opportunities (e.g., per session). During the first year of implementation, principals will be able to decide whether teachers who are rated poorly under Advance should qualify for these additional compensation opportunities.

You can access more information about Advance and the guidance offered to principals on the Advance Intranet page (DOE log-in required); resources include the Advance Guide for Educators and links to register for upcoming professional development with the Danielson Group. You can also email the Advance Support Helpdesk with any questions.