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Grow Your Instructional Practice Through Advance

Amid all the tasks and challenges as a new school year begins, you’re focused on preparing your students to succeed. This year, a new system of teacher evaluation and development – Advance – is in place to support you along the way. Advance emphasizes meaningful feedback and support from your administrators to help you grow continuously in your practice, while supporting you in measuring progress against your goals for your students and yourself.

You and your colleagues will play an active role in shaping the Advance system to fit your needs and your school community:

  • Choice of Observation Plan: You will have two options for classroom observations: the first option offers a minimum of one formal observation and three informal observations, while the second option consists of at least six informal observations.
  • An Initial Planning Conference: You will begin the year by having an “initial planning conference” with your supervisor, where you will select your observation option and have an opportunity to share your goals for the year.
  • School-based Decisions: A committee of teachers has been working with your school leader to recommend which measures will be used for the “Local Measures of Student Learning” component of Advance. Depending on your principal’s final decisions, you may be asked to administer assessments at the beginning and end of the year. Your principal will notify you by September 24 about the assessments you’ll need to administer.
There’s no question that this is challenging work, and thousands of teachers and school leaders across the city have been preparing for this new system. More than 15,000 teachers and school leaders have participated in online or in-person, centrally-led training focused on Advance since the spring. More guidance, resources, and professional development will be available to support you and your colleagues as you learn to use Advance to inform your professional practices. A number of resources are available on the Resources for Teachers section of the Advance intranet page, including a webinar on the key components of Advance. Here are a few recommended learning opportunities available on ARIS Learn (DOE log in required):

  • Advance Implementation Resources. These materials provide you with an overview of the Advance system, including the two main evaluation components: “Measures of Teacher Practice” and “Measures of Student Learning.” (You can also search by “LO” code for this Learning Opportunity: LO 702.)
  • Introduction to Danielson Framework for Teaching: Summer 2013. These materials introduce Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching and explain how you can use it as a common language to describe and discuss teaching practice. (You can also search by “LO” code for this Learning Opportunity: LO 703.)
  • Introducing your Staff to Danielson Components. These materials help school teams build their familiarity with using the Framework for Teaching to discuss teaching practice. Resources include a facilitation guide and handouts, as well as suggested activities for whole staff, team based, or individual exploration of the Framework. (You can also search by “LO” code for this Learning Opportunity: LO 467.)
An upcoming edition of I Teach NYC will feature opportunities for you and your colleagues to get involved with Advance and share your experiences. In the meantime, to learn more about Advance, the state law and research that have informed its design, and how it relates to the Citywide Instructional Expectations, please visit the Advance webpage.

By helping you to grow and succeed, Advance is designed to help your students succeed, too. If you have implementation questions you can reach the Advance Support Helpdesk by emailing AdvanceSupport@schools.nyc.gov or share them with your principal. You can also anticipate additional opportunities throughout the year for you and your school community to offer feedback and ask questions about Advance to help ensure that the system is working for you.