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New Teachers: Take an Important First "Step" Regarding Your Salary!

If you are a newly appointed teacher with the NYC DOE, you must apply for salary step placement so an equated (or anniversary) date can be issued to you. This will allow you to contractually advance on the salary schedule twice a year.

What do these terms mean?
  • Equated (Anniversary) Date: In most instances, your equated date is your start date and/or the date you were appointed by the NYC DOE. Once this date is issued, you will advance on the salary schedule.
  • Salary Schedule: A contractually agreed-upon rate by which a teacher’s salary increases based on satisfactory service. You will advance on the salary schedule one ‘step’ for each term of satisfactory service twice each school year, first on your equated date and again on March 1. (You will continue to advance on the salary schedule until either you have a break in service or you reach ‘step’ 8b.)
In addition to new teachers, employees with prior full-time paid teaching experience outside of New York City, or who may have performed substitute teaching service in the New York City public schools, may be eligible to receive additional salary credit.

In order to complete the salary step application process and ensure that you are placed on the appropriate salary step, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Log in using your DOE login and password. If you have not previously logged into the Payroll Portal before, you will be prompted through a series of questions about a Mailing List. You can either click OK and follow the instructions or CLOSE the dialog box.
  2. Click on Employee Self Service on the left hand side of the screen
  3. Click on Sal Diff/Sal Step Req
  4. The screen will open to Submitted Forms
  5. Click the HISTORY button next to Salary Step
  6. Click UPDATE FORM
  7. You can add and/or delete any information that is already listed there
  8. When you are finished please CHECK [√] the declaration box
  9. You will be prompted to put a comment in the UPDATE REASON SECTION. You can enter your initials in the box.
  10. Click SUBMIT
  11. You will be prompted, “Are sure want to submit the application?” CLICK YES
Click here for more information about Salary Steps and Salary Differentials.

If you have questions, please call HR Connect at (718) 935-4000, Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.