Physical Education Resources for Home and Hospital Instruction, Grades 9-12

Home and Hospital Instruction and Physical Education

In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-170, New York City’s Home and Hospital Instruction programs provide educational services to students who cannot be accommodated in a regular school facility because of a medical or physical condition and/or a severe emotional, psychological, or behavioral disability that prohibits the student’s attendance in school. The Overview of Home and Hospital Instruction Grades 7-12 provides additional information on how home instruction programs are administered. As described in the High School Academic Policy Guide (pp. 36-37), it is the responsibility of the affiliate high school to provide the courses which students need to stay on track to graduate. The affiliate high school must also provide the Home Instruction teacher with access to needed curricular materials, including those courses of study in physical education.

High school students must earn four (4) credits of physical education (PE) in order to graduate (see Graduation Requirements). New York State (NYS) does not grant any waivers or exemptions from the physical education requirement for any reason (see question 4 in the NYS PE FAQ). The affiliate high school physical education teacher/department is responsible for creating and grading PE assignments that are completed under the supervision of the home instruction tutor. Home instruction students must continue to learn content aligned with their present classes to the greatest extent possible so that they are prepared to continue with their peers upon returning to school. Given the structure of the home instruction program, its temporary nature, and the varying needs of the students assigned to home/hospital instruction, it is appropriate for teachers to design written coursework that addresses commencement level NYS Physical Education Learning Standards. Sample assignments aligned to NYS standards can be found below and can be used as part of a PE program for a student who is temporarily medically excused from physical activity. They may also be used as a guide to help teachers develop alternate or additional assignments that are appropriate for students on home or hospital instruction. A single assignment does not contain sufficient content or work to meet the requirements of a PE course, but it may be added to the portfolio of assignments being used to meet requirements.

Resources for Developing Physical Education Assignments for Students on Home and Hospital Instruction

Schools are responsible for developing coursework based on their students’ needs and the NYS PE Learning Standards. The free and at cost resources here, as well as sample assignments, are suggestions and not required to be used. Teachers should review the content of the suggested resources, with the student in mind, to develop an appropriate program.

Free Resources

The NYS PE Profile can be downloaded for free and contains a few commencement level written assignments. If you prefer to have a free CD ROM of the NYS PE Profile mailed to your school, please email with the subject line “PE Profile CD ROM.” Teachers who attend the Office of School Wellness Programs’ Physical Best and Comprehensive Health Education 101 and 102 professional development sessions also receive the following free resources, which may be used to design assignments:

Resources Available for Purchase (search by item name on FAMIS/ShopDOE unless otherwise noted)

The following textbooks are available for purchase and may be used to design assignments and support student learning:

  • Foundations of Physical Fitness Student Textbook
  • Essential Physical Fitness
    • Includes a DVD with Teacher's Resource Book and Reproducible Student Handouts in PDF format (grades 7-10)
  • Foundations of Personal Fitness Student Edition of Textbook

Online Courses

Aventa Physical Education Credit Recovery is available for students who are eligible for credit recovery (see FAQ Credit Recovery regarding eligibility). Additional online resources will be added as they are reviewed and approved.

Sample Assignments

The sample assignments below are aligned to NYS standards and may be adapted or incorporated into a course of study for a student on home or hospital instruction. Schools should ensure that the course of study and assignments given to students on home/hospital instruction are sufficient for the credit granted. The sample assignments do not constitute a full course of study; rather, they are meant to be illustrative and a resource to use in conjunction with the individual school’s PE program. These suggested resources and sample assignments may also be appropriate for students who are attending their regular school but have a medical limitation note temporarily prohibiting certain types of physical activity.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you would like to share PE materials that you have used in your school for possible inclusion (with credit) in this resource guide, please email us at If you have questions or need PE or health education support at your school, please contact the following PE and health education liaison from the Office of School Wellness Programs:

Physical Education Support

1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 13, 14 Victor Ramsey
4, 31 Ronny Rodriguez
7, 10, 11, 12 Felicita Saldana
8, 9 Cristina Muia
15, 18, 20, 21, 22 Tyrone Johnson
16, 23, 27,32 Virginia Matthews
17, 19 Marysol De La Cruz
24, 26, 28, 30 Elizabeth McSpedon
25, 29 Diana Stein
75 Yuki Yamada
Non-D75 adaptive for elementary   Elaine Postler, Tong Ngo


Health Education and Support

Health Education Focus Schools Paula KadanoffLaurie Gaughran
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Citywide Health Education Training 
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