Teaching Resources

Cultural and Social History

  • Designed for high school and college teachers and students,History Matters serves as a gateway to web resources and offers other useful materials for teaching U.S. history.
  • A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History & Culture.
  • The ASA provides information and support services to people with a scholarly and professional interest in Africa.
  • African-American History, Culture, and Black Studies Resources.
  • This folklore site contains retellings of American folktales, Native American myths and legends, tall tales, weather folklore and ghost stories from each and every one of the 50 United States. You can read about all sorts of famous characters like Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Daniel Boone, and many more.
  • The site provides access to resources and lesson plans such as: History Matters, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and Student Voices from World War II.
  • Your one-stop information resource and overview of the historical, demographic, political, and cultural issues that make up today's diverse Asian American community. You can think of Asian-Nation as an online version of "Asian Americans 101."
  • A site dedicated to hispanic-American history. It has received the following awards: Excellence in Education Awards Best for Educational Quality, Best Veterans/Military Site for the   preservation of American history, for academic value, historic importance  and service to veteran and military service persons. It is also Listed by Educational, Culture, Historical, Reenactment, Military, Veterans Organizations, Commonwealth Network Educational including Hispanic & Latino web sites, Listed by J. Bustamante Hispanic site.
  • Our CARTS Web site is a virtual extension of City Lore's educational programs and its National Network for Folk Arts in Education. As you explore the people, places, and traditions that turn communities into classrooms, stock your cart high with the many useful resources available inside.
  • The National Museum of the American Indian is the sixteenth museum of the Smithsonian Institution. It is the first national museum dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of Native Americans.