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Opportunities announced the week of Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (in chronological order)

: The NYC Department of Education does not endorse and is not responsible for the policies and practices of external partners.  All work with external partners should be conducted in accordance with the Chancellor's Regulations.

Middle and High Schools: Apply for New STEM Partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Application Deadline: August 11, 2014
Contact: Dave Johnston

Middle and high school educators and principals are invited to apply for partnership with WCS to implement the innovative new web platform, Mannahatta2409.org in their classrooms. Each school can name a team of 2-6 teachers to work with WCS educators, receiving direct support in integrating cutting edge science and technology across the disciplines through Mannahatta2409.org as well as shaping curriculum for dissemination across the nation through the 2014-2015 school year. Interested schools can apply here.

High Schools: It’s About Time in Concert with the DOE

Event: August 18 -21, 2014; 9:00AM-3:00PM
Contact: Kelly Angelo

Based on an extensive curriculum review over the past two years, the DOE is partnering with It’s About Time to support the piloting of a Model Program that supports the objectives to fully embrace the High School Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) Content and Practices. It’s About Time is now accepting applications from schools who want to become a Model Site. The sites will showcase how a proven and innovative high school math curriculum can help teachers successfully implement CCSSM in their classrooms.  A Summer Institute Workshop for Model Sites will be held from August 18-21st (9:00AM-3:00PM) at the Frederick Douglas Academy in Manhattan. Classroom implementation for Model Sites will start in September of the 2014-2015 school year. To apply to be a Model Site, please contact Kelly at KAngelo@iat.com. The number of Model Sites is limited in capacity.

High Schools: National Disability Mentoring Day

Application Deadline: August 22, 2014
Event: October 15, 2014
Contact: Mkada Beach /212-788-2830

The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities will once again serve as the local coordinator for National Disability Mentoring Day (DMD).   Beginning in 1999 as a White House initiative, DMD is a large-scale, broad-based effort designed to promote career development for students and job seekers with disabilities (mentees) through hands-on career exploration, job shadowing, internship and/or employment opportunities, and matching of mentee/mentor relationships. This program is hosted nationally in regions around the country by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), in close partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and the Social Security Administration.  DMD is a wonderful opportunity for students with disabilities who will be a Junior or a Senior in high school as of the date of DMD. Members of the current graduating class of 2014 are eligible as well.  The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities has an extensive network of organizations from the private sector, non-profits, government offices, and educational organizations who participate as workplace mentors for DMD. On DMD Mentees are matched with workplace mentors according to expressed career interests. Students interested in becoming a mentee should complete the DMD 2014 application by August 22. Students should submit their application as soon as possible, to allow time for a better match. An interview process will occur after application review. If the student is deemed eligible, the DMD Planning Committee will do their very best to find the individual a suitable match. On occasion, a student may be matched with multiple opportunities. In the past, some mentors have offered further opportunities to the mentee, such as providing an internship, a continued mentor relationship, or even employment (although we cannot guarantee that any such opportunities will be provided). There will also be workshops that will take place in the coming months before the date of the event. The online DMD application can be accessed here.

All Schools: Physical Education and Health Education Responsibilities and Support

Event: Various Dates
Location: Varies

All schools must provide comprehensive health education and physical education for all students, in accordance with New York State and City requirements. Free training for physical education and health education is available; see here for dates, locations, session topics and to enroll.

All Schools: Access Resources for Educators Teaching Students with Disabilities

Contact: Jessica Dickson at jdickson4@schools.nyc.gov

School staff can access professional development this summer and during the upcoming school year at this link, with topics that include quality IEPs, behavior, instructional supports, autism, and transition. Other available resources include the archive Modified Promotion Criteria webinar and the Universal Design for Learning webinars (accessed by signing up for a UDL Connect account here, responding to the confirmation email you receive, and then joining the webinar website).

High Schools: Free On-Line Training for Teachers in Your School to Identify Students in Psychological Distress

Contact: Scott Bloom, Director of School Mental Health at SBloom5@schools.nyc.gov or 212-374-6846

The New York City Department of Education, in collaboration with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, is offering a free on-line training for teaching staff and allied professionals that work directly with youth in NYC DOE managed High Schools. The At-Risk for High School Educators one hour on-line training course will help teachers and staff in your school identify students who are in psychological distress, approach these students, and refer him/her to support services. The on-line learning simulates the classroom environment and allows the user to practice his/her skill on avatars that are emotionally responsive.  Click here to access the course.

All Schools: Space and Aviation Student Programs 

Contact: Peter Giles at pgiles@schools.nyc.gov or 212-608-6164 x115

All NYC public schools are invited to take advance of the NYC Center for Space Science Education, a NYC Department of Education experiential space and aviation resource center located in downtown Manhattan. Students can take a simulated mission into space in our Challenger Learning Center or learn about how airplanes fly in our NASA Aerospace Education Lab.  Programs are aligned with the NYC Scope and Sequence and High School Core Curriculum. There is a $200 per class fee.

New programs include Astronaut Adventures for 2nd and 3rd graders and 5th grade variables program.  Highlights of our programs include: Rendezvous with a Comet for 4th-12th grade, Mission to Mars for 7th-12th grade, Aeronautics Variables for 5th grade, Aeronautics Weather for 6th-12th grade, Aeronautics Forces and Motion for 6th-12th grade, Toys in Space - Microgravity Training for 3rd-12th grade, and Astronaut Adventures for 2nd-3rd grade.

Teachers can find more information and register online.

All Schools: Webinar Recordings for School Leadership Teams (SLT)

Contact: Division of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) at face@schools.nyc.gov, FACEwebinars@schools.nyc.gov, or 212-374-4118

School leadership teams (SLT) are invited to listen to NYC Department of Education’s Two Webinar Recordings for  SLT.  

The Division of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) has provided the “School Leadership Teams” recording, which provides an overview of the history and purpose of SLT, and the “Supporting Title I Programs” recording, which focuses on Title 1 requirements for SLT.  SLT members should view the latter recording as a team or individually to fulfill annual training requirements as outlined in Chancellor Regulation A-655.

Supporting documents are provided with each recording.

All Schools: Online Video Series on Implementing a Successful RTI Model with English Language Learners

A video series focusing on the implementation of a successful RTI model with English language learners is available.  There are currently seven videos in the series; view them here.  

For questions, contact your senior ELL CPS.

All Schools: Response to Intervention (RTI) Guide

Contact: Stela Radovanovic, SRadova@schools.nyc.gov

Do you want to learn more about how to support your ELLs within the RTI model?  OELL has created a helpful set of guidance documents that address Core Curriculum/Tier 1, Tiers 2 and 3, as well as interventions and assessments.  To access this resource, click here.