Middle Schools

Opportunities announced the week of Tuesday, November 24, 2015 (in chronological order)

: The NYC Department of Education does not endorse and is not responsible for the policies and practices of external partners. All work with external partners should be conducted in accordance with the Chancellor's Regulations.

Middle Schools: Apply Now to Become a 2016 NYC Junior Ambassadors Classroom

Application Deadline: November 25, 2015
Event: Ongoing (January 2016 to May 2016)
Contact: Aissata Camara/212-319-9300

The NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs is accepting applications for 7th grade educators from all subject areas to apply for the inaugural 2016 NYC Junior Ambassadors, a new initiative empowering 7th graders in all five boroughs to actively engage with the United Nations and its mission of addressing the most pressing challenges in the world from a diversity of perspectives. Program benefits include a curated tour of the United Nations headquarters, a classroom visit from a United Nations diplomat, a private year-end celebration with all NYC Junior Ambassadors classrooms, and a program certificate. Educators are required to include the United Nations in the classroom curriculum. Click here to apply.

Middle Schools: NaliniKIDS Emotional and Physical Wellness Training for Teachers

Registration Deadline: December 1, 2015
Event: Mondays during the 2015-2016 school year
Contact: Jenny Caruso

Educators are invited to participate in a four-day teacher training workshop on emotional and physical health, and become certified to teach the NaliniKIDS curriculum in their classrooms this year. NaliniKIDS is a STEM- and Common Core-aligned in-school intervention program that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of students’ well-being. The program is designed to develop 21st-century STEM skills through a wellness curriculum emphasizing mindfulness, fitness, and community, and is adaptable to all subject areas. Teacher trainings take place on Mondays during the 80-minute professional development period in the participating teachers’ school. Schools must provide a minimum of eight teachers in order to qualify for this training, and the training fee is $5,000 for 8-12 teachers. For more information, click here. To reserve training dates or ask questions specific to training, email Jenny Caruso.

Middle and High Schools: Facing History Workshop—the Reconstruction Era and the Fragility of Democracy

Registration Deadline: December 2, 2015
Event: December 4 and 5, 2015 
Contact: Elena Cohen

How does society rebuild after extraordinary division and trauma, when the ideals and values of democracy are most vulnerable? Participants in this workshop will explore this significant period in U.S. history, when Americans were faced with the challenge of restoring a nation amid the social and political upheaval of the Civil War. Click here to register.

Middle and High Schools: Facing History Workshop—a New Approach to Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird

Registration Deadline: December 11, 2015
Event: December 15 and 16, 2015 
Contact: Elena Cohen

This two-day workshop introduces Facing History’s newest resource, Teaching Mockingbird, which incorporates civic education, ethical reflection, and historical context into a literary exploration of Harper Lee’s novel. This workshop aims to offer a fresh approach that integrates multimedia resources, historical sources, and Common Core-aligned strategies, deepening students’ understanding of the novel and illuminating fundamental questions of human behavior. Click here to register.

Middle and High Schools: Register for Free Field Trips and Discount Distance Learning Programs at the 9/11 Tribute Center

Event: Ongoing
Contact: Sarah Burroughs/212-422-3520; ext.126

The 9/11 Tribute Center is offering a limited number of free programs in the Museum as well as discounts on our distance learning programs. Class visits cover up to 30 students free of charge, and include your choice of a guided educational tour detailing the history of the events and aftermath of 9/11, or a self-guided tour with an interactive activity to let the students explore and discuss their thoughts in depth. To view our class trip options, click here. Distance learning programs are a great option for a live virtual field trip and are 50% off through 2015. For more information on distance learning, click here. All programs include a presentation and Q&A with either a survivor, responder, recover worker, or family member detailing their experiences and a message of empathy and empowerment to students encouraging them to ‘pay it forward’ and help those in need. 

Middle and High Schools: 3GNY (Third Generation New York): Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors to Speak at Schools

Event: Ongoing
Contact: Felice Cohen

3GNY is a group of dedicated grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who are trained to speak to students about their grandparents’ experiences during WWII. The talks are tailored to the class size and amount of time permitted, and are held by one or two 3GNY members. In the last few years, 3GNY has spoken to over 1,000 students covering every borough, and in that short time these speakers have left many lasting impressions. To learn more, please visit the 3GNY website. If interested in having a speaker visit, please email Felice Cohen including school name, grade and number of students, and what the students are currently studying. The talks are free, but a donation to 3GNY is appreciated.