Pre-K Teaching Opportunities: What Current Teachers Need to Know

As part of Mayor de Blasio’s and Chancellor Fariña’s initiative to expand New York City’s universal pre-kindergarten education program to more than 73,000 seats by 2015, the DOE is seeking talented and motivated early childhood educators to lead new pre-K classes and provide high-quality, full-day education for four-year-olds across the city.

Many DOE schools will have expanded full-day pre-K teaching opportunities which can be filled with qualified staff who are already in the school as well as through transfers. Current, full-time NYCDOE teachers with valid certification who are interested in teaching pre-K this fall at a different school should apply to open positions using the Open Market Transfer system (OMT). OMT will be available through August 7. For more on how to make use of the system, see the “Job Search for DOE Teachers” section of the Open Market homepage.

All pre-k teachers must be licensed in Early Childhood Education or Common Branches and hold one of the following State teaching certificates: early childhood (Birth-Grade 2); Nursery, Kindergarten and Grades 1-6; or Prekindergarten – Grade 6 certification. Teachers appointed under a bilingual license or special education license who also have a State teaching certificate valid for pre-K may also teach pre-K but may need to reappointed to the appropriate city license. This would require a new probationary period, but you will retain reversion rights for any license under which you have already earned tenure, as long as the NYS certificate is still valid.