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Here you will find a sampling of resources to support you in your first year of teaching. While these resources offer many strong, sound and proven strategies, of course no one book or website can be an educational panacea. Please consider these suggestions to be a starting place. Some strategies you find might work for your style/students/classroom/school and others might not. Take the most promising, true-to-you ideas you can glean and try them out – some will eventually become part of your permanent teaching repertoire, and before you know it, you just might find yourself offering them up as suggestions to the brand new teachers of next year.  


Scholastic: New Teachers – contains tools, resources, and tips on everything from time management to managing paperwork

Education World: New Teachers  – series of articles, diary entries and columns with ideas and tips on topics such as: advice from principals of first year teachers and laying the groundwork on the first day of school  
Middleweb: New Teacher 911 – especially for middle school, topics include grading, avoiding poor teaching practices, and motivation  


Learning Communities  

Inspiring Teacher Discussion Group


The First Day of School The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher by Harry and Rosemary Wong (Harry K. Wong Publications 2004): detailed and encouraging manual on effectively managing the very critical beginning of the school year.
The First Year Teacher's Survival Guide First Year Teacher's Survival Guide: Ready-To-Use Strategies, Tools & Activities For Meeting The Challenges Of Each School Day by Julia G. Thompson (Jossey-Bass 2007): Soup-to-nuts toolkit offering strategies for challenges such as: using technology in the classroom, managing daily routines, reaching students from low income families, working with parents, maintaining a work-life balance, and meeting professional development requirements.
Assertive Discipline Lee Canter's Assertive Discipline: Positive Behavior Management for Today's Classroom by Lee Marlene Canter (Solution Tree 2001): practical and systematic approach using rewards and consequences for managing student behavior.
Reluctant Disciplinarian Reluctant Disciplinarian: Advice on Classroom Management From a Softy who Became (Eventually) a Successful Teacher by Gary Rubinstein (Cottonwood Press, Inc. 1999): a quick and easy read that entertains while encouraging formation of effective student discipline techniques, by a fellow NYC educator.
The Organized Teacher The Organized Teacher by Steve Springer, Brandy Alexander, Kimberly Persiani-Becker (McGraw-Hill 2005): practical suggestions, guidelines, templates, checklists and advice on all aspects of organizing a K-8 classroom -- desk arrangement, creating student portfolios, unit planning, etc.

Freebies and Discounts

Some companies, in recognition of the challenging and important teaching profession, offer free items (mostly related to teaching, but not always) and discounts just for educators. Here are a few to get you started.


Teacher's Choice provides funding to eligible educators to purchase instructional materials and basic classroom supplies

Yes! Magazine subscription  

Timesavers: printable forms and templates


Check out the discounts available to NYC DOE employees.


This listing of resources is provided for informational purposes and does not imply that the DOE endorses any particular product or service.