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Welcome to the Teacher Leadership Opportunities page! This page features an array of leadership and development opportunities, available through the New York City Department of Education, which are designed to support both novice and more experienced teachers and to help you advance your career -- whether you hope to stay in the classroom or to seek opportunities outside the classroom.

The DOE is committed to your success, and we encourage you to review the program descriptions below to identify those that best meet your needs and career goals. Please check back periodically for program updates.

Instructional and Peer Leadership Opportunities

The programs below support development of teaching practice and adult leadership skills while remaining in the classroom.

  • Common Core Fellows are trained to examine the quality and alignment of instructional materials to the Common Core, provide feedback, and support the development of additional resources for the Common Core Library.
  • Instructional Leads are designated by principals to help drive instructional improvements at schools.
  • Lead Teachers spend half their time in the classroom and the remaining half providing professional development to other teachers in their schools.
  • The Teacher Leadership Program is designed for teacher leaders interested in developing their team facilitation skills and deepening their understanding of the citywide instructional expectations.

Pathways to School Leadership

If you are interested in pursuing school leadership opportunities, please refer to the Leadership Pathways page for a full listing of opportunities. You may also opt to review the sampling of programs below for more information:

  • Aspiring Principals Program (APP): The NYC Leadership Academy’s 14-month leadership development program.
  • Emerging Leaders Program: A partnership between the DOE and New Leaders, offering opportunities for teachers, leaders, coaches, assistant principals and other leaders in instructional roles to develop and expand their leadership skills.
  • Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP): A rigorous, 14-month, on-the-job principal development program designed collaboratively with the DOE and the NYC Leadership Academy to prepare aspiring leaders for the principalship.
  • New Leaders: A principal preparation program combining a strong academic foundation with a year-long residency in a high-need public school.
  • New School Leader: Leaders interested in starting new district schools are encouraged to learn more about the rigorous, four-phase process intended to evaluate aspiring new school leaders and their proposed school models.

Loan Forgiveness Programs and Financial Incentives

  • Federal Loan Forgiveness/Deferral: New teachers serving in low income schools or shortage subject areas may be eligible for federal programs that cancel or defer some Perkins, Stafford, and Direct loans.
  • Scholarship and New York City Loan Forgiveness: The Scholarship Program offers selected individuals an opportunity to pursue a master's or bachelor's degree in specified bilingual and monolingual areas of education and pupil personnel services. The Loan Forgiveness Program offers the repayment of student loans to new teachers and clinicians who have obtained New York State certification in specified shortage areas.
  • Teachers of Tomorrow: A state-funded grant paid to teachers working in the City’s highest need schools. Please review the list of participating schools and criteria to qualify.

Opportunities to Participate in Research and Policy Initiatives

The NYC Department of Education strives to provide excellent career development support to teachers, and we seek to engage teachers in the research and policy work that we do around developing new programs and refining existing ones. Periodically our office conducts focus groups, distributes surveys, and/or convenes advisory groups of teachers.

Benefits for teachers:

  • Opportunity to share your opinions and suggestions on proposed or existing programs
  • You'll receive periodic updates about programs and development opportunities

For more information, please complete this short Teacher Leadership Survey to receive periodic updates.