Teacher Development

Teacher Career Pathways

The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) is committed to recognizing teachers for their contributions to the success of their students and support to peers. With a growing number of opportunities, teachers can become part of a clearly articulated career pathway for growth which encourages effective teachers to stay in the system longer. Teacher leaders—integral members of a school team who are closely connected to its unique needs and culture—can expand their reach beyond their classrooms by sharing best practices with colleagues, facilitating deeper collaboration within and across schools. Teacher leader roles can augment the important work of developing teachers through peer support and add critical instructional capacity school-wide. 

Teacher Leadership Opportunities



New Teacher Leadership Roles (School-based): Master Teacher, Model Teacher, and Teacher Ambassador

The NYCDOE and UFT are creating opportunities for exemplary teachers to remain in the classroom but to extend their impact and role through the establishment of teacher leadership positions including Master Teacher, Model Teacher, and Teacher Ambassador.

  • Visit the FAQ to learn more about 2014-15 teacher leadership opportunities.
  • Review the list of participating Teacher Career Pathways schools for the 2014-15 school year (schools will be finalized by mid-July).
  • Determine eligibility and apply for 2014-15 teacher leadership opportunities by reviewing the Master Teacher and Model Teacher postings.

Lead Teacher Program

A partnership between the NYCDOE and the UFT to help teachers assume leadership roles in their schools. There are over 250 Lead Teachers in 170 schools across the City working to improve teaching practice and student learning.

Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF)

The instructional quality of the entire school improves when high-performing teachers are provided opportunities to share their practices with peers. The middle schools participating in the TIF grant are testing a model of the teacher career pathway.

Teacher Leadership Program

The Teacher Leadership Program (TLP) is designed to challenge and support teacher leaders across the City in developing the content knowledge and facilitative leadership skills needed to guide instructional improvements in schools.


New Teacher Leadership Role (Central-Based):  Peer Validator

The 2014-15 Peer Validator application is now closed

Peer Validators play a critical role in the implementation of the City’s teacher evaluation and development system.