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FAQs for Teacher Data Reports Toggle Close
Toggle Close  Q: What are the Teacher Data Reports?  New
Toggle Close  Q: Why is the DOE making Teacher Data Reports available to the media?  New
Toggle Close  Q: What exactly are we releasing?  New
Toggle Close  Q: Is the value-added approach reliable?  New
Toggle Close  Q: How were the reports used?  New
Toggle Close  Q: Which teachers received Teacher Data Reports?    New
Toggle Close  Q: Are Teacher Data Reports still being used?  New
Toggle Close  Q: I am a teacher or principal—how can I access my Teacher Data Reports?  New
Toggle Close  Q: Where can I go for more information?  New
Toggle Close  Q: I am a teacher. On my report, what does the “percentile” represent?  New
Toggle Close  Q: What data were used to calculate the Teacher Data Reports? What specific factors were used to calculate a student’s predicted score?  New
Toggle Close  Q: What does the "margin of error" represent? What do large margins of error indicate?  New
Toggle Close  Q: Why are some sections of the Teacher Data Reports blank?    New
Toggle Close  Q: Are value-added scores more sensitive to changes in student performance for teachers of particularly low- or high-performing students?    New