Post-Secondary Planning

College Resources

School counselors facilitate the college application process, and advise families at every step.


Learn about the ACT Test and additional helpful college planning resources.

College Access Consortium of New York (CACNY)
CACNY is a network of CBOs, schools, and colleges, which provides college planning resources in order to assist New York City's young adults to gain college access.

College Board
The College Board is a private company, which administers the PSAT and SAT exams, as well as the Advanced Placement program.

Important Test Dates, Deadlines & Resources:

Resources for Students:

College Admissions 411
This Spanish-language television series provides U.S. Latinos with a step-by-step guide for applying to college (available in Spanish and in English).
This website provides relevant information about colleges and higher education opportunities worldwide.

The website features a listing of virtual events (here) for students, families, & schools.  For additional information or to schedule a "private tour" session, please contact Joanna Grubman (, 617-938-6013).

Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (ClCU)

CICU is a statewide association representing more than 100 independent colleges and universities in New York State.  CICU provides multiple college planning resources including: 

City University of New York (CUNY) 
The City University of New York (CUNY) provides high-quality, accessible education at 24 New York City campuses, which include senior and community colleges, as well as graduate and professional schools, and research centers.

CUNY Admissions:
  • CUNY Application
  • CUNY Assessment Tests  (video and CUNY testing webpage)  
  • Codes - list of codes for CUNY schools to assist students when filing FAFSA and TAP applications. 
  • Enrollment Summer Checklist for High School Seniors - a resource provided by CUNY AT Home in College Program to help seniors monitor final stages of the college application process
  • Information for Undocumented Students
  • Placement Exam Overview - a resource provided by CUNY At Home in College Program outlining key information regarding CUNY placement exams
  • Student Handbook to prepare for the CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW). Results of the standardized writing test determine placement of first-year CUNY students into English composition, ESL, or developmental courses. The handbook includes: scoring rubric, sample test and responses (with scores and comments for each score level), guided practice exercises, and student strategies on comprehending directions and writing a successful response. 
  • Undergraduate Admissions Deadlines
  • CUNY Programs:

    • CUNY Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) helps students earn an associate degree within three years.
    • CUNY Start - a low-cost, intensive full-time program providing an alternative to typical remedial classes offered to CUNY students needing preparation in reading, writing and math before entering credit classes.
    • ROTC - CUNY is expanding Army Senior ROTC opportunities and Military Science class offerings to students in CUNY's system. CUNY students will have no obligation to enroll and cadets may become eligible for an allowance of up to $500.  For further information, contact Captain Christopher De La Torre at 212-650-6478 or

    CUNY Counselor Resources

  • Counselor Corner - comprehensive site just for counselors and college advisors

  • Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR)
    ESR provides professional development, consultation, and educational resources to adults who teach young people in preschool through high school.
    • Increasing College Access - A postsecondary planning publication (2009) by Carol Miller Lieber, featuring research-based models for secondary school comprehensive college and career access programs and suggested curriculum outline.

    Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC)
    The NYS Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) manages more than 20 grant and scholarship programs including the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

    Learning Leaders 
    Learning Leaders’ mission is to help New York City public school students succeed by training volunteers to provide individualized instructional support and other school-based support, and by empowering parents to foster their children’s education development.

    This student-friendly site offers practical advice organized by grade, starting in middle school.
    March 2 Success
    March 2 Success is provided by the U.S. Army as a free, no obligation tool to help high schools students improve their SAT, ACT, and ASVAB test scores in the areas of English, Math, and Science.  A factsheet is available ( here ). 

    Mytonomy offers a growing video library of over 3,000 videos on such topics as succeeding in high school, picking the right college, and mastering the college application process.

    National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)
    NACAC provides college & career development opportunities, research, and resources for students and counselors. 

    New York Urban League
    The New York Urban League helps disadvantaged New Yorkers gain access to equal opportunity in employment, education, health care, housing, and the civic arena. 
    Next Step U
    Next Step U is a website with multiple resources for students, families and counselors. Designed to help students plan for life after high school, their magazine includes articles on career choice, transition tips for life after high school, and choosing a major.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook
    This nationally recognized source of career information is designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. 

    NYC College Line
    NYC College Line is a website created by Graduate NYC!, CUNY, NYC DOE, and Goddard Riverside.  The website is designed to help students, parents, and college advisors to manage post-secondary planning from exploration to graduation.

    Creative Writing Contest: is hosting a creative writing contest through January 2015 for New York City’s HS students! By sharing their personal stories, students will be entered to win a brand new laptop or tablet for the school year.  Please share information about this contest with your students.  The deadline for submissions is January 16, 2015.  For questions, contact Donna Dei-Baning at or 718-254-7706.

    NYC Department of Education - Office of Postsecondary Readiness (OPSR)
    The NYC DOE Office of Post Secondary Readiness researches and develops school and program models that help students graduate from high school ready for college and careers. 
    State University of New York (SUNY)
    The State University of New York (SUNY) is the nation's largest comprehensive system of public higher education, offering programs at 64 geographically dispersed campuses.
    Access free online practice tests-SAT, ACT and more!

    Special Considerations for College Planning

    Student Athletes:

    Ensure that student athletes' academic coursework and college planning meet their unique needs (i.e., National Collegiate Athletic Association-NCAA eligibility guidelines).

    Students in Temporary Housing/Unaccompanied Youth:

    Ensure students in temporary housing and unaccompanied youth receive the maximum allowable financial aid available to them for higher education. 

    Undocumented Students:

    Advise undocumented students in terms of available recources, as well as their rights.