Please note the following "Guidance Bulletin" announcements shared with you by the Office of Guidance and School Counseling. 

Special thanks to the Office of Student Enrollment for the announcements on high school admissions!


        All School Counselors

When students experience behavioral crises and engage in behavior that poses a substantial risk of serious injury to themselves or others, schools must determine the appropriate way to manage the behavior and whether the behavior can be safely de-escalated.  Every effort must be made by responding school staff to safely de-escalate the behavior where possible using strategies and interventions for addressing behavioral crises and in-school and community resources, including engaging staff trained in crises de-escalation, members of the Building Response Team, Crisis Intervention Team members, guidance staff and staff from School-Based Health and Mental Health Clinics. However, where a student’s behavior poses an imminent and substantial risk of serious injury to himself or others and the situation cannot be safely addressed by school staff or the support services available to the school, 911 must be contacted.  

The policies and procedures for responding to behavioral crises and determining when to contact 911 for emergency medical assistance are available here Please review these carefully and ensure that all school staff are familiar with these policies and procedures.  Additional guidance for schools on responding to behavioral crises is being developed and will be made available. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact your Network Youth Development Liaison. 


        High school counselors in community school districts 7-12 in the Bronx / Deadline: February 27, 2015

The NYC DOE Office of Equity and Access is pleased to announce the launch of NYC Great! A Young Women’s Leadership Initiative. NYC Great! (Girls Reaching Every Apex Together) is designed to provide experiences that support the development of leadership and communication skills in young women who are currently attending high school. The program will begin with young women in the 9th grade, attending high schools serving community school districts 7-12 in the Bronx. Applicants are required to answer two short essay questions and attend a personal interview. 

We expect a GREAT Girl to:
 • Be comfortable in her leadership and ability to motivate others
 • Display academic motivation and self-determination
 • Maintain good academic and attendance standings
 • Have self-confidence with respect to college/career choices
 • Participate in leadership, community service or volunteer activities 
 • Aspire to attend college and/or pursue a career  

About the Applicant:
 • Meets the Title One category criteria
 • Meets the 9th grade criteria per credit accumulation
 • Should not be already involved in a college preparatory or leadership program
 • Has 85% or above attendance for the Fall 2014 semester

Applications will be accepted January 20 through February 27, 2015.  Access the application here.

For questions regarding the program or the application, email


        High school counselors / Deadline: January 16, 2015 is hosting a creative writing contest through January 2015 for New York City’s HS students! By sharing their personal stories, students will be entered to win a brand new laptop or tablet for the school year.  NYC College Line is the City's unique solution to the information gap surrounding college exploration, application, financing and completion for young people in New York.  Please share information about this contest with your students.  

The deadline for submissions is January 16, 2015.  For questions, contact Donna Dei-Baning at or 718-254-7706.


        Middle school counselors / Deadline: Early September

Meet with families of all middle school students in September to plan their path to high school. The Student Enrollment Management System (SEMS) provides an email template for families of all middle school students that can be used for initial outreach.

  • Facilitate presentations for middle school families on the Introduction to High School Admissions: 2014 Family Workshop Series Information Packet.  For the families of 6th and 7th grade students, emphasize the importance of 7th grade report cards, test scores, and attendance in terms of the data, which will be reviewed for selective high school programs.  Ensure that the families of 8th grade students are familiar with the high school admissions timeline.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------- jl;j;j'jllllllllllll  ---------------------------------------------------     -------------
  • Work with the families of 8th grade students to develop their list of desired programs, create a calendar of information sessions, auditions and tests (if applicable), and fairs they plan to attend.


        All school counselors

Please note that DOE related services counseling providers are no longer required to call IVR to record first attend dates or to add students to their caseloads. Beginning on September 4, school-based users will have inquiry-only access in CAP and will no longer have access to SEC.

Principals should ensure that all related services providers have access to a networked computer and sufficient time during the workday to manage their SESIS caseloads and to enter session attendance. Resources will be posted on the SESIS website as they become available; instructions on how to record the provision of services for DOE providers are now available on that page. 


        Middle school counselors

A research team affiliated with New York University will be piloting a study at several NYC middle schools this fall about the high school admissions process. The research team plans to conduct short interviews with school counselors and other personnel to learn how students are supported during this process. Some schools will be offered an opportunity to pilot a new informational tool to help students in their high school search. Selected middle schools that are invited to participate will be contacted directly by email and/or phone.

Participation is completely voluntary and interview responses will be anonymous. There are no consequences for choosing not to participate. However, the DOE has approved this study, which may lead to the development of better tools to help school counselors, families, and students with the high school admissions process.

The NYU affiliated research team is led by Dr. Sean Corcoran and Dr. Jennifer Jennings.  If you would like to learn more about the study, please contact Jennifer Jennings at NYU by phone at 212-992-7465 or by email at


        High school counselors

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Career Exploration Program provides a wide range of career exploration tools free to participating schools.  For additional information or to schedule an ASVAB test date at your school, please contact Vivian Moss (, 718-765-7344).  

(N.B.:  As per
Chancellor's Regulation A-825, NYC DOE schools which administer the ASVAB must select Option 8, which does not permit the results to be released to military recruiters.)