Special Education


A Shared Path to Success
Special Education
in New York City

Dear Families of Students with Disabilities,

Welcome to school year 2014-15! On this site you will find updates and resources that can assist you in partnering with your school to build your child's strengths and meet his/her needs.  To start, I encourage you to review our revised Family Guide to Special Education, back to school resources, and Family Resource Corner.

As our most important partners, I want you to know that since our special education reform, A Shared Path to Success, was launched in 2012 we have provided training to tens of thousands of teachers, school leaders, and other professionals.  There are also learning opportunities for families, including an upcoming workshop on the high school admissions process. As a result of the reform, your child has greater access than ever before to high-quality instruction that will prepare him/her to reach their potential in college, careers, independent living and beyond.

In the year ahead, I encourage you to collaborate with your school, specifically the School Implementation Team (SIT), to stay informed and ensure that your child is provided with an education that meets his/her unique needs.


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