Special Education


A Shared Path to Success
Special Education
in New York City

Dear Families,

Thank you for visiting our website! We are excited to start the 2015-16 school year and continue our commitment to providing access to educational opportunities for all students.

Here you will find resources on special education in NYC schools that can help you participate fully in your child's education.  As our most important partners, we are committed to providing you with opportunities to learn, engage in discussion, and meet our team.

To start, I encourage you to review our Family Guide to Special Education.  Whether you are preparing for your child's first IEP meeting, participating in admissions processes for kindergarten, middle, or high school, or considering a discussion about transition, there are resources here for you. You can find presentations specifically geared to parents using this link, Chancellor's Parent Conferences, as well as on this site.

Additionally, as you may have heard, the DOE has recently transitioned to a new structure that allows for more localized supports to students, families, and communities. Superintendents’ teams have been expanded and Borough Field Support Centers (BFSCs) have been created to better serve communities and families.The Superintendent’s team is the team in place to support families across the City and should be your first point of contact. For a list of Superintendents and Family Support Coordinators, please see here. There are BFSCs across the City, each of which is equipped with a Special Education team to support students, schools, and their communities in collaboration with the Superintendents’ teams. This year there will be trainings and workshops for parents hosted by the BFSCs to provide you with the information and resources you need to help your child succeed in the classroom.  Information will be forthcoming and will be posted on our website.  

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you this year.