Special Education


A Shared Path to Success
Special Education
in New York City

Dear Families,

Thank you for visiting our website! Here you will find resources on special education in NYC schools that can help you participate fully in your child's education.  As our most important partners, we are committed to providing you with opportunities to learn, engage in discussion, and meet our team.

To start, I encourage your to review our Family Guide to Special Education.  Whether you are preparing for your child's first IEP meeting, participating in admissions processes for kindergarten, middle, or high school, or considering a discussion about transition, there are resources here for you. If you did not have an opportunity to attend the Chancellor's Parent Conferences, you can find the presentations from that workshop and others on this site.

I'd also like to welcome Christina Foti as Chief Executive Director of the Special Education Office.  With her experience as a teacher and school leader, Christina will continue tthe office's work on a Shared Path to Success.  This reform reflects our commitment to increase access to all schools, develop quality IEPs, implement positive behavior supports, and shape effective transition plans. You can learn more about this and other topics of interest on the website, from school staff, and at parent events.

I encourage you to attend events, collaborate with school staff and consider participating in the 2015 Citywide and Community Education Council Elections to stay informed and become even more involved in your child's education and school district.