Operations and Procedures

It is important that CBOs apply for a contract with the DOE's Division of Contracts Purchasing. Please contact their vendor hotline at 718-935-2300 with any questions.

For information on invoicing and payments, please contact DOE's Division of Financial Operations.

Pursuant to Education Law, the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, and Chancellor’s Regulations C-105, all individuals employed by a contracted vendor and who have direct contact with NYCDOE students are subject to fingerprinting. All Provider employees that come in direct contact with students must undergo a required security clearance procedure as outlined by the city and arranged through the NYCDOE.  For more information, please visit the DOE's Fingerprinting website.

SchoolFood presently provides food service to After School Programs in schools when requested by authorized school district personnel and signed by the Principal.  For more information, please visit the SchoolFood website.

Schools can request security for after school programs by submitting an Extended Use Permit Application to the Extended Use Borough Office.