Schools in the Community

Schools play a vital role in the community and in your neighborhood. We work hard to make our schools centerpieces of community activity in over 1,260 locations across the five boroughs.

Innovation Zone (iZone)

Learn about the iZone, a group of schools that challenge longstanding assumptions in K-12 education.

Public Art for Public Schools

As fixtures in all of the City's neighborhoods, our schools have over 1,500 pieces of historical and modern art.

Connected Foundations

Connected Foundations is a citywide initative to increase access to and purposeful use of high-speed Internet resources among NYC transfer school students and their families.

Connected Learning

Connected Learning is a citywide initiative to boost broadband adoption and push learning into the home through access to technology and low-cost broadband. It has the twin goals of bridging the "digital divide" and improving student learning and achievement.

Get Involved

Getting involved can mean different things for different people. For parents, getting involved can mean helping out at school, getting involved in a parent association or parent-teacher association, or getting involved on a district or citywide level.

Service In Schools

All New York City public schools engage in service and service learning.

Planning the Portfolio of Schools

We work each year to create a diverse portfolio of schools that offer great options to families in the City.

School Facilities

Students learn more and achieve at higher levels when they go to schools that are safe, in good repair, and not overcrowded.

Community Involvement

We stay involved with the community through community organizations, neighborhoods, and local, regional, and national political leaders.

New Schools

In the continued pursuit of creating high quality education experiences, new schools are opening across the city.