Schools in the Community

The New York City public schools are centers of activity and play a vital role in the larger city community. Browse the information below to find out more about how our system operates at the building and campus level, to get charter school news and information, or find out how you can get involved in—or collaborate with— city schools.

Campus Governance

More than half of all schools throughout the city are co-located on campuses with other schools and programs. When campuses are managed effectively through shared Campus Governance, student achievement improves and members of the school community are more satisfied. Learn about the collaboration and flexibility that happens in shared school facilities.

Charter Schools

Get information about Charter Schools including admissions lotteries for schools, open houses, performance reports, and grievance procedures. Learn about hearings for new charter school applications and how to apply to open a charter school.

District Planning

District Planning includes proposals for Significant Changes in School Utilization, Surveys, and proposals currently under consideration by the Panel for Educational Policy for each borough. You can also find Underutilized Memorandums, Co-Location Memorandums, and dates for hearings and public meetings.


The Division of School Facilities is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and safe operation of all facilities under the jurisdiction of the City’s school system.

The School Construction Authority (SCA) builds new public schools and manages the upgrades and renovations of large capital construction projects. The SCA also conducts the Building Condition and Assessment Survey and the Building Capacity and Utilization Report. Get information about the NYCDOE Five-Year Capital Plan, as well as enrollment projections and capacity and utilization reports for school facilities or read the SCA protocol for environmental due diligence of schools considered for lease renewals.

The Education Construction Fund (ECF) promotes housing, retail, or other compatible economic development projects along with new school construction on City properties.

Get Involved in NYC Schools

Get involved with the New York City public school system by donating to the Fund for Public Schools.

In the City

Schools stay involved with their neighborhoods, boroughs, and the city as a whole through community organizations, and local, regional, and national political leaders.


Today’s education system requires innovations if we want to prepare students for success in a globally-connected world. To thrive, our students need to be engaged in learning that is relevant to their lives, and allows them to master the skills of tomorrow.

New Schools

The Office of New Schools selects and trains effective leaders and creates high-performing schools that prepare all students for success.

Providing Services or Products

The Division of Contracts and Purchasing manages the procurement process for educational supplies, equipment, professional development and consulting services, curriculum materials, etc.

Public Art for Public Schools

New York City's public schools are home to a collection of over 1,500 artworks. Through the diverse and engaging installations commissioned through the Percent for Art Program, our schools house an incredible array of artwork that reflects our rich social and political history.

Research, Evaluation and Data

The Research and Policy Support Group allows external researchers and partners to conduct appropriate and non-invasive studies in schools.

Service in Schools

Learn about how to get your school started with a community service project.