Students learn more and achieve at higher levels when they go to schools that are safe, in good repair, and not overcrowded.

The School Construction Authority (SCA) builds new public schools and manages the upgrades and renovations of large capital construction projects. The SCA also conducts the Building Condition and Assessment Survey and the Building Capacity and Utilization Report. Go to the SCA section for information about the DOE Five-Year Capital Plan, as well as enrollment projections and capacity and utilization reports for school facilities. The SCA protocol for environmental due diligence of schools considered for lease renewals is available for review. 

The Education Construction Fund (ECF) promotes housing, retail, or other compatible economic development projects along with new school construction on City properties. Go to the ECF section to find out more about projects completed by the Fund.

The Division of School Facilities (DSF) is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and safe operation of all facilities under the jurisdiction of the City’s school system.

The Office of Portfolio Planning plans for the instructional use of the Department of Education's facilities.