19th Century

Former Boy's High School

Opened a few years after its female counterpart, Boys’ High School (renamed Street Academy, Brooklyn Literacy Center and Outreach Program; 1891) remains one of Brooklyn’s most famous school buildings. Here Naughton returned to Romanesque Revival, but he used the more fully developed Romanesque Revival style popularized by Henry Hobson Richardson. The scale and massing of this public school were unprecedented in New York City school architecture, and the building still dominates its immediate neighborhood. It faces three streets, and each façade of contrasting rough and smooth textures has rounded arched windows and doors, gables, and dormer windows lavishly ornamented with terra cotta. The school’s most memorable features, however, are the asymmetrical towers along Marcy Avenue. One terminates in a conical roof, and the other rectilinear and fortress-like, stretches well beyond the roofline.

Former Boy's High School
832 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn
James W. Naughton, 1891