Elementary School


The Life of Erasmus glorifies the contributions and life of one person for whom the school was named. Have students look at examples of the stained glass panels and discuss what is going on. What do some of the panels try to tell us about Erasmus?


Have students conduct research on a person who they really admire or want to learn more about. What contributions to society has that person made? What about his/her character really makes them unique? Talk about the idea of symbols and how they can be used to represent an idea or a person. What kind of symbols could they use to identify the person who they are studying? Give each student a square piece of paper, no bigger than 8”x 8”. Each student will design their own square to represent the person that they studied, using paints, colored pencils or cut paper. Next, lay each of the students drawings on a large sheet of paper to create a quilt of people. Depending on the emphasis of the lesson, some may want to focus on the use of materials, composition and symbolism, while others can have students develop an essay about significant contributions that person that they are studying has made.