Greening Your School

Get Organized!


Start a Green Team at Your School

Many DOE Schools have environmental clubs, sustainability committees or green teams with a similar goal of reducing the school’s impact on the environment. If your school has one, join to help make a difference! If your school doesn’t have one, then reach out to your school’s Sustainability Coordinator to start a Green Team at your school. A School Green Team typically includes the principal, sustainability coordinator, teachers, students, custodian engineer, UFT chapter leader, parents and other school community partners that the principal would deem appropriate to include. 

  • Goals should be established for energy conservation, recycling, ecology, green curriculum and other environmental subjects that the Green Team would like to tackle for the school year and think of ways to take action and then measure success.
  • Download the Sample School Sustainability Plan template to organize your school’s goals and actions.
  • Fill out your Green Schools Alliance school profile to track your progress and see what other schools are doing.
  • Check out the National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools Program as a way to organize your sustainability efforts.