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2013-2014 DOE Advanced Sustainability Coordinator Training


The Office of Sustainability offers annual sustainability coordinator training to help schools accomplish our collective goals for energy conservation, recycling, ecology and the integration of sustainability concepts into the curricula. The advanced sessions are a deeper dive into specific topics.

The Sustainability Coordinator Training is co-sponsored with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and is designed to clearly define the role of the Sustainability Coordinator, and to allow Coordinators to hear directly from our partners on what resources are available to help them succeed in their role. The DOE Office of Sustainability thanks the UFT for hosting this event at their training center at 52 Broadway, Manhattan.

We strongly encourage all Sustainability Coordinators to attend the training and receive their Certificate of Completion. Prior approval from principals is needed to RSVP.  An OP-201 Form requesting a non-attendance day must be submitted  to principals in order to provide for substitute teacher coverage where needed. 

The Advanced training will be offered on November 7 and 21, 2013. Sustainability Coordinators will receive this message in an e-mail with an RSVP link for planning purposes for each of the dates. Each coordinator will be able to attend two courses on training day. Below is a detailed description of the choices. The top five courses with the most registrants will make the schedule for each training day. 

8:00-8:30am: Registration
8:30-9:00am: Opening Remarks
9:00-11:30am: Morning Session
11:30-12:30pm: Lunch
12:30-3:00pm: Afternoon Session


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Advanced Descriptions

Energy & Water Conservation

DOE, DEP, Junior Energy

This course offers the opportunity to hear from key partners, including Junior Energy, National Wildlife Conservation, Solar One and the Department of Environmental Projection. Learn about where NYC energy and water come from, the impact of overconsumption on our environment, the City’s mandates to reduce energy and water consumption, and how you implement conservation initiatives in your school.

Organics Collection & Cafeteria Recycling

(organics schools only)

GrowNYC Recycling Champions, Cafeteria Culture

Organics Collection is an exciting new pilot program from the NYC Departments of Education and Sanitation.  300 schools are participating this year, having students separate food scraps for recycling in the cafeteria.  If you’re the sustainability coordinator at an Organics Collection school, or would like to learn actionable steps to improve normal recycling in your cafeteria, then sign up for this hands-on workshop!

Curriculum – Clean Tech (High School only)

Solar One

CleanTech, Solar One's new high school curriculum, introduces students to emerging green industries through STEM focused reading material, research projects, and hands-on labs. During this training sustainability coordinators will participate in labs from the four curriculum units which cover Energy, Water, Food, and Materials. All participants will receive digital copies of the CleanTech curriculum which contains over 100 cross-cutting lessons on sustainability, as well as access to free activities through Solar One's Sustainable Schools Network.

Curriculum – Green Design Lab (K-8 only)

Solar One

Looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into your classroom and green your school at the same time? During the GDL training session sustainability coordinators will participate in hands on STEM activities from the 5 Units of Green Design Lab curriculum including Energy, Water, Materials, Food, and Air Quality. All participants will receive digital copies of the GDL curriculum, as well as access to free activities through Solar One's Sustainable Schools Network.


Grow to Learn, NY Botanical Garden, Earth Day NY, Million Trees NYC, NYC Compost Project, NYC Parks GreenThumb

Join us for hands-on skill building workshops and networking on school gardening and caring for young street trees. Coordinators will share school greening  experiences, learn about gardening, composting and tree care resources, as well as participate in one hands-on session on tree care, basic garden planning, indoor gardening, advanced gardening topics, composting in the classroom with worms, or garden lessons tied to the common core.


Curriculum – Cloud Institute

Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

For classroom teachers and administrators of curriculum and instruction, participants will experience a brief overview of the true meaning of Sustain-ability and the attributes of Education for Sustainability (EfS). Participants will become familiar with EfS Enduring Understandings, core content and performance indicators by “unpacking” their alignment to the Common Core Anchor Standards. Finally, participants will practice embedding EfS into a unit of study by sketching one EfS lesson.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle through the Common Core

Material for the Arts

Materials for the Arts, a unit of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, will instruct you in the many ways you can integrate fun RRR projects into the regular curriculum of your school and guide you through how to access free, reused supplies from the city of New York for free. Participants will become familiarized with lessons from the new NYC RRResource Guide for Schools created by the NYC Department of Sanitation. Participants will participate in hands-on projects making everything from creative reuse mosaics to books made out of envelopes. Everyone will leave the workshop with the wonderful projects they made and understanding of how RRR projects can be integrated into Common Core instruction in Math, Science, ELA, and more.


DSNY, GrowNYC Recycling Champions

Your school’s recycling program is the Sustainability Coordinator’s primary responsibility. Top experts from the Department of Sanitation and GrowNYC Recycling Champions will cover what to recycle, how to set up an effective program, the free tools available to you, the Golden Apple Awards’ cash incentives -- and why these efforts make a difference. Then we’ll work together to identify and explore solutions to common challenges and obstacles. Sign up for this hands-on workshop and come share your concerns and best practices.


DOE, NWF Eco-Schools, Alliance for Climate Education


Learn how to use NWF’s Eco-Schools frameworks (including audits and action plans) to develop sustainability initiatives for your school. Discover ways you can use Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) programs to develop strong youth-led green teams and promote student leadership. DOE’s Director of Sustainability will discuss Captain Planet’s youth program and how you can get a club started at your school. Learn how these programs have inspired students and teachers to care about environmental issues and create positive change in their schools and communities. 



Teachers will be guided to make connections between the principles of Education for Sustainability (EfS) and their curriculum. The Childrens Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) will provide guidance on interdisciplinary, place-based approaches to constructing curriculum. Participants are encouraged to bring their scope & sequences and a laptop. CELF will demonstrate how teachers can use EfS to enrich the integration of Common Core Learning Standards.