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P.S. 186's Green Project on Recycling and Reusing

To celebrate Earth Day, Brooklyn's P.S. 186 Dr. Irving A. Gladstone School community set out to prove the value of recycling and reusing. The project, organized by physical education teachers Joanne Carillo and Carrie Bernstein, challenged K-5 students and their families to recreate everyday things using only recycled materials. Items ranged from wallets and tote bags made of potato chips to free-weights and model planes.

One of the teachers, Mrs. Cavallaro, used the project as part of her classroom instruction and her students got creative, making purses, wallets, hand bags, and baseball card holders out of juice boxes!

The collaborative efforts among P.S. 186's students, families and faculty in addition the orginality of each item made, far exceeded the expectations of Joanne Carillo and Carrie Bernstein.

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