Chancelor's Regulation A-850
All schools are required to recycle in accordance with the New York City Recycling Law and Mayoral directives. Chancellor’s Regulation A-850 currently prescribes how schools should implement recycling plans, including the principal’s appointment of a Sustainability Coordinator from school-based staff, who can lead recycling efforts and will be the point person for sustainability related initiatives. If a school is located on a campus (i.e., a building containing more than one school or program), the principal for each school shall appoint a Sustainability Coordinator.

Department of Sanitation Recycling Resources
DSNY's website is a treasure-trove of information! Resources include recycling information, disposal guidelines, free promotional materials, speaker request forms and field trip ideas, links to other organizations for free stuff, composting resources, fun pages and student activities, and green purchasing links.

Recycling Contests and Recognition Programs for School Community
Enter the "TrashMasters! Super Recyclers" contest and show off your exemplary school recycling program. We also encourage you to use your artistic skills and enter the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Recycling Calendar Competition.

GrowNYC Recycling Champions Program
GrowNYC's Recycling Champions Programs covers approaches to recycling for elementary, middle, and high schools. The program aims to empower the entire school community of students, faculty, and custodians in order to have a recycling program that be sustained from year to year. Watch their school recycling video.



The Organic Collection program was piloted in 2012-2013 in 90 public schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, diverting 490 tons of food waste.  The goal is to collect all organic material from school cafeterias and kitchens in order to reduce the waste sent to costly landfills. The Organics Collection program is expanding this school year to include over 300 schools. Click on link below to see the list of participating schools.  

Department of Sanitation Organics Resources
DSNY has links to free promotional material (decals, signage, tip sheets) and educational materials. 

GrowNYC Organics Collection Resources
GrowNYC is providing in-school support and online resources for Sustainability Coordinators. Click on the link for power points, tip sheets, set-up guides, and handouts, all broken down by audience and grade level!


Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Laws
Review New York City EPP laws governing “green purchasing” for various products and goods. 

New York State Green Cleaning Program for Schools
New York City Department of Education procures cleaning products that meets the New York State cleaning requirements and recommendations outlined on this website.