The Sustainability Initiative releases an annual report in accordance with Local Law 41 (2010) and Chancellor's Regulation A-850 (2013). 
       2014-2015 Annual Sustainability Report

Press Inquiries

Please contact Toya Holness in the Office of Media and Communications for all press inquiries on DOE’s Sustainability Initiative.

Current Progress (2013-2014)



  • Demand Response Program: 163 buildings participated committed to reducing 15 megawatts
  • Energy Benchmarking: 500+ buildings with 75+ Energy Star rating.
  • Energy Competitions: 71 schools participated in the 4-month Solar One Green Design Lab Energy Challenge with an average savings of 20%. 190 schools participated in Green Schools Alliance Green Cup Energy Challenge, reducing total energy consumption by 11.08% during the 4-week competition.


  • Diversion Rates: Diversion increased 4% to reach 21%! We reached our original goal of doubling our diversion rate! The DOE also minimized total waste produced by 12% over the same time.
  • Organic Collection: Added 286 schools in 181 buildings to the organics collection program for a total of 377 schools in 239 buildings (21% of our schools).
  • Carton 2 Garden Pilot Project: The DOE worked with Carton Council and Evergreen Packaging to test a pilot competition based on recycled milk carton use in gardening. 24 schools participated in the pilot and the competition was approved for national roll-out next year.
  • Recycle Competitions: 26 schools participated in the international GSA Green Cup Recycle Challenge where five of them earned the title of "Recycling Hero" by reaching the highest achievement level. 11 schools participated in the Recycling Champion's Big Lift challenge. I.S. 34 Staten Island finished in first place with a diversion rate of 79%. Another top finisher was Manhattan Hunter Science H.S. with a diversion rate of 66%. 40+ schools participated in the national Made by Milk Carton Recycling Competition and Benjamin Cardozo H.S. won the natiopnal grand prize in May! 


  • 4 schools were recognized with the Green Flag Award by the National Wildlife Federation's Eco-School USA program for conserving natural resources and integrating environmental education into the curriculum (P.S. 154Q, iSchool, P.S. 146K, Maspeth H.S.). There are only 35 Green Flag schools in the U.S.A and NYC has 5 of them.
  • 14 schools received recognition and cash awards through DSNY's Golden Apple Awards for completing educational projects on recycling, waste prevention, composting, and neighborhood beautification.
  • The 2013-2014 Wangari Maathai Environmental Award for Civic Participation in Sustainability was awarded to Alexandra Gumas, a student from Bard High School Early College, and Jaylen Gregory, a student from NYC iSchool.