Sustainability Coordinators

The DOE's school-based Sustainability Coordinators are the first line of action in our schools, working with representatives from all sectors, including the principal, food services, custodial staff, parents, and students, to develop and implement all the sustainability initiatives in the school. Principals are responsible for designating their sustainability coordinator to the Office of Sustainability annually by the last Friday in September.

Sustainability Coordinator responsibilities are:

  • To develop and implement a site-specific sustainability plan which shall, at a minimum, include a recycling and waste reduction plan that follows DSNY recycling rules. Reporting of the plan to the Office of Sustainability is due annually the last Friday of October.
  • To ensure that students are following and practicing recycling and waste reduction plan.
  • To utilize energy data provided by the Office of Sustainability in assisting with energy conservation programs at the school.
  • To be the conduit for sustainable curriculum development initiatives.
  • To complete the Office of Sustainability's annual survey by the second Friday of June.