How to Do

How To Do


Start a Green Team

Many schools have environmental clubs, sustainability committees, or green teams with a goal of reducing the school's impact on the environment. If your school has one, join to help make a difference! If your school doesn't have one, then reach out to your school's Sustainability Coordinator, teachers, students, custodian engineer, UFT chapter leader, parents and other school community partners that the principal would deem appropriate to include on the team. 
  • Goals should be established for energy conservation, recycling, ecology, green curriculum and other environmental subjects that the Green Team would like to tackle for the school year and think of ways to take action and then measure success.
  • Check out the Green Schools Alliance website to see what other schools are doing.
  • Check out the NWF's Eco-Schools Program as a way to organize your sustainability efforts.


Promote Your School's Sustainability Efforts!

Your annual sustainability plan is actually a member school profile on Green Schools Alliance website.
Use this site to keep track of the sustainability initiatives in your school and brag about your progress.
Learn how!



Connect with Others

As a DOE Sustainability Coordinator, you will automatically get the NYC DOE Sustainability Initiative newsletter on a bi-weekly basis.

Share ideas, network, and ask questions of other sustainability coordinators through the online discussion forum hosted by the Green Schools Alliance.


How-To Guides

The Sustainability Initiative, in conjunction with several city agencies, has created several guidance documents on large-scale sustainability capital projects. Before thinking about this type of project, be sure to check out the guides for feasibility checklists: 

Guide to Green Roofs on Existing School Buildings (2013)

Guide to Solar on Existing School Buildings (2014)


Free Resources (tip sheets, labels, posters, etc.)