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Sustainability Coordinator Designation Process

The school's 2015-2016 Sustainability Coordinator must be designated by September 25, 2015.
For a PDF version of these instructions, click here.

The password is "gsa" (all lower case, no quotations).

1. Go to

2. Select your school from the dropdown. If your school is not listed, please email If your school is new in 2015-2016, you will have to wait until September to designate your coordinator.

3. For the password, type “gsa” (all lower case, no quotations), and click the "Submit" button.

4. In the "Contacts" section, enter the sustainability coordinator’s name, job title, email, and phone number. If the coordinator is the same as 2014-2015, check the accuracy of the contact information and go to Step 5. If the coordinator is different, replace the existing information with the new coordinator's info.


5. Click the "Save" button on the bottom of the page. If the save was successful you should see a "profile updated" message along the top of the screen. If any of the required information was not entered, a message to this effect will appear along the top of the screen. In this situation, please make sure all the information in Step 4 has been entered and click the "Save" button again. IF YOU DO NOT CLICK "SAVE", even if information has not changed, COMPLIANCE will not be triggered in our database for 2015-2016.


** Your sustainability coordinator has been designated! The coordinator will login in the same way to fill out the rest of the information required in the profile. This profile page serves as the school’s annual sustainability plan. Thank you!
Questions or problems: Email or call 718-349-5738.