Facility Managers


    Our Custodial Engineers and Building Managers are an incredibly important part of the sustainability initiative. Without their expertise, knowledge and participation, we could not optimize building operations. 

    According to Chancellor's Regulation A-850, each Custodian Engineer and Building Manager shall be responsible for: 
    • Providing designated recycling receptacles at each school with a clear plastic bag (paper receptacles may be unlined).
    • Monitoring that recyclable materials from smaller recycling receptacles are placed into larger clear plastic bags (as needed) for DSNY pick-up during collection from classrooms. Separated recyclables shall never be placed in the same bag with garbage. 
    • Notifying Sustainability Coordinators and Principal(s)/Building Captains of any non-compliant rooms, areas or staff. 
    • Setting out all recyclables in clear plastics bags in the designated area for regularly scheduled DSNY pick-up. 
    • Optimizing building operations to improve energy performance of the buildings and attending the Building Operators Certificate training program offered by the City of New York (at nocost).
    • Reducing energy consumption by enforcing the regulation that all non-essential personal equipment (e.g., microwave ovens, mini refrigerators, coffee makes, personal fans, and personal heaters) be removed from cubicles, offices and classrooms. The facility manager should work with building occupants to have this type of equipment available for use in at least one central location, such as a resource room, teacher’s lounge, or other available space in the building.