Our teachers are the link between theory and action in our classrooms. We can hope for behavioral change with our students, but without lessons and hands-on experiences in the classroom, those behaviors don't become second nature. Here are some options for professional development in the Education for Sustainability field.


Annual Sustainability Initiative Trainings

Previously only offered to sustainability coordinators, the trainings are now open to anyone on the school green team. This includes coordinators, principals, teachers, staff, custodian engineers, or parent volunteers. 


After School Professional Development Program

All teachers are eligible to take "P" In-Service courses from the New York City After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP). In-Service courses offer teachers high-quality, convenient, low-cost alternatives to college courses that may be applied toward salary differentials and New York State professional development requirements. Courses are designed to improve student achievement through the professional development of teachers. Many of our partners offer courses through the ASPDP.