Preparing for College and Careers


Blended and online learning strategies are valuable complements to transfer schools' curriculum and pedagogy because they can be used to support personalization, self-pacing, and flexibility to meet students' individual needs and goals. The DIG/IT course helps students learn how to learn online, acquire digital skills, and prepare themselves for educational and employment opportunities after high school.

Connected Foundations provides students with the following skills needed to succeed in college and careers:

  • Digital literacy skills—the ability to use the internet productively for all aspects of life, including education, work, and interpersonal relationships. Even "digital natives" do not necessarily understand how to use new media in a purposeful way, or regulate themselves to learn and work online. To graduate from high school in the 21st century is to have a foundation in all of these skills.
  • Self-regulation and independence—the ability to practice time management, organization, self-monitoring, and persistence during independent work. Teachers can help frame these activities in a blended environment, where students can produce work, receive feedback, and "go public" with their achievements to the rest of the class and beyond.
  • Communication and collaboration—the ability to navigate today's workplaces, to work in groups and as a member of a team, and to communicate with others cross a variety of mediums that require different styles and approaches.