Teacher Testimonial: Sam McElroy

Sam McElroy, a special education teacher at a large public high school in Queens, leads the school’s iLearnNYC program.  Recently, Sam wrote a piece for Gotham Schools reflecting on the transition from a traditional classroom to a blended learning classroom. 

Since integrating blended learning into his classroom, Sam has seen his students take more ownership of their work, improve their organizational skills, become better readers and writers and stay engaged in the work. “They’re more aware of what their expected to learn and what they’re learning,” he said. In fact, now that he has been better able to meet individual students’ needs, many of his students have made significant progress in their studies and will be moving from self-contained classes to integrated co-teaching (a less restricted environment).

Sam credits iLearnNYC with helping him “be a better teacher.” Sam stated that  “in fact, I had the most satisfying year of my seven years teaching. I think my students did well on last week’s global history Regents exam, but regardless of test scores, my students clearly demonstrated tremendous academic progress and developed important new digital skills.”

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