Teacher Testimonial: Sam Sherwood

Before Sam Sherwood introduced technology into her classroom at Mott Hall V, the 6th and 7th grade science teacher saw that not only were her students bored and lacked enthusiasm, but like her, they were frustrated. 

Ms. Sherwood’s students could learn facts easily but struggled to retain and apply that knowledge outside of the classroom. “[Students] were a little robotic, and that was not the classroom I wanted,” she remembers. So how does a teacher change not only how students learn but also increase their interest in learning? For Ms. Sherwood, it was all about creating a blended learning environment, a place that mixes technology and face-to-face instruction. 

In her blended learning classrooms, students rotate between independent work through online content and small group discussions led by Ms. Sherwood. As a result of her participation in iLearnNYC, Ms. Sherwood sees more engaged students with less management from her.

 As she puts it, she is no longer the “sage on the stage” but more of a “guide on the side,” making students responsible for their education. “You just have to trust it, trust your students and be okay to give up control… you’re giving the students control,” she states.

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