Through iLearnNYC, the iZone is expanding the use of online and blended learning in New York City. With access to a community of like-minded innovators and a variety of resources, iLearnNYC schools are implementing online and blended learning to expand current school boundaries that limit how and when a student can learn. iLearnNYC empowers teachers, administrators, students and parents with cutting edge resources, including online content, real-time data on student work, and a suite of robust educational tools.

iZone On The Ground

Fordham High School for the Arts promotes success for each student by extending learning through online and blended learning.  The “flipped learning” model of blended learning has been especially popular at Fordham.  In flipped learning models, students review content at home and apply skill sets from both in and out of class to the next day’s lesson, which enhances and personalizes in-class learning. iZone School

At Fordham Arts, Mr. Johnson’s math class is the catalyst for the flipped model of blended learning, and has driven many other classrooms in the school to adopt similar models.  During his first year teaching, Mr. Johnson taught in a traditional classroom environment of neatly rowed desks.  After that year, Mr. Johnson flipped his classroom, completely transforming his class in terms of appearance and student engagement.  Students now sit at round tables and Mr. Johnson easily rotates between guiding groups through collaborative mastery efforts, where at times students teach the course, and leading lectures – often based on material learned outside the classroom – for the whole class.  Through “flipped” blended learning, Mr. Johnson’s students learn both in and out of class, mastering material and preparing for exams at their own paces.  

Mr. Johnson and his students recently spoke at Middle States College Board Conference in Brooklyn, informing over 100 educators about their unique classroom.  One student shared that the class, by placing her in a teaching role, increased her confidence as a student and made her feel more prepared for college.  Mr. Johnson encouraged teachers to experiment with blended learning, as it has been remarkably impactful in his classroom, as seen through increased student engagement, confidence and passion for learning.

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