Innovate NYC Schools

Innovate NYC Schools is the iZone's initiative to discover and expand educational technologies with high potential for transforming classrooms toward more personalized, student-centered models.  Innovate NYC Schools identifies key learning challenges, prototypes and evaluates the impact of innovations on all aspects of student, school, and district performance, and then actively shares findings with educators and technology developers.

Funded in part by the US Department of Education's Investing in Innovation (i3) program, Innovate NYC Schools helps districts benefit from best practices of the early-stage edtech community and drives smarter investments in educational technology by schools, districts, funders and solution developers. 

Innovate NYC Schools also oversees School of One.  School of One is a full-time mathematics curriculum that redesigns the classroom to integrate multiple modes of instruction-- live teacher-led lessons, software-based lessons, collaborative activities, virtual tutors, and individual practice-- into the same learning space.  

Visit their website to learn more.

Gap App Challenge

Gapp App ChallengeIn January 2013, Innovate NYC Schools launched the nation's first district-sponsored software challenge.  Small and mid-sized companies were invited to submit applications and games that enhance and support teaching, learning and student engagement.  These applications were specifically designed to address gaps in middle school math skills.  Developers could submit apps that are either math focused or collaboration, communication, and management focused.  

Over 200 Submissions resulted in more than 160 eligible entries.  Winners were announced in May 2013.  The Challenge will award over $100,000 in cash and prizes, and participants become eligible for consideration for prototyping and pilot programs in iZone schools.  

You can learn more about the Challenge here, and participate in Innovate NYC's activities here.