Mentoring Excellence

Prospective Mentors: Current Principals


The Office of New Schools is looking for talented educators to open successful schools and we believe the best way to find this talent is by asking successful principals, who have the best perspective on who’s ready to take on this work. 

Principals who are eligible to apply:

Must have tenure

Received a Well Developed on their most recent Quality Review or

Received a Proficient AND is supported with a strong recommendation from the Chief Academic Officer.

Must have:

 --A talented leader from within his/her school approved to open a new district school through the New Schools Process.


--A former staff member who has opened a new school through the Mentor School Pilot Program between 2010 and 2012 AND the Mentor has maintained above performance metrics on the Quality Review since that time.

If selected, Mentor Principals:

Receive up to 90 per session hours ($43.94/hr) per quarter for after school support 
 provided to their mentee.

Can reapply annually to provide support to their mentee.

Must reapply each fall in order to continue participation in the initiative. 

Only those tenured principals with a Well Developed on their most recent Quality Review or a Proficient with a strong recommendation are eligible to apply

If you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact Krista Barron at: (212) 374-0279