Mentoring Excellence

Mentoring Excellence

Mentoring Excellence is an innovative NYC DOE leadership initiative in which highly successful principals nominate talented aspiring leaders from within their schools to open new district schools.  If the aspiring leader is selected through the ONS application process to open a new school, the mentor supports the mentee, providing the new principal with the unique opportunity to be coached in what it takes to run a successful school and apply the vision and management skills that drive a school community to excellence. 

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Prospective Mentor & Mentee Eligibility:

  • Tenured principals with a 'Well Developed' on their most recent Quality Review or a 'Proficient' with a strong recommendation from the Deputy Chancellor/ Chief Academic Officer are eligible to be a mentor
  • Candidates (mentee) must possess a SAS/SBL or SDA/SDL certification or be enrolled in a license-granting program in order to meet all license requirements by July 1, 2014

Program Description:

  • Mentor nominates a talented leader from within his/her school, and mentee is approved to open a new district school through the ONS Selection Process
  • Mentor nominates a former staff member who has opened a new school through the Mentor School Pilot Program between 2010 and 2013 (Mentor is required to have maintained above performance metrics on the Quality Review since that time)
  • Mentor principals offer comprehensive coaching and support designed to engineer success for the Mentee and the Mentee’s school.  Support will take the form of, but is not limited to, regular check-ins with the Mentee, implementing summer professional development plans, response to crises, navigating building councils and sharing space, bi-weekly visits with the Mentee’s or Mentor Principal’s school as needed, periodically addressing and training staff of Mentee’s school, and providing opportunities for cross-school collaboration. 
  • Mentor will receive a per session pay of $43.94 for up to 180 hours per 6-month period of targeted and customized support to their Mentee upon release from school.
  • Mentor must reapply for each fall in order to continue participation in the initiative to support their mentee for up to three years.
  • If a Mentor nominates additional candidates who are approved to become principals of new schools, they may continue beyond the initial three-year timeframe.  A Mentor may only be compensated for on Mentee in any school year.
  • Mentee's salary is funded centrally for the Spring 2014 semester allowing the candidate to be released from his/her current responsibilities at that time in order to participate in the New School Intensive (NSI) and work with their mentor principal prior to opening a new school.  

New Mentor Application: 

To read review and complete the Mentor Application for new mentor principals click here.

If you are interested in being a mentor and would like to learn more, please contact Elaine Gorman.