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Graduation rates among high schools opened by the Office of New Schools consistently show strong improvement over the schools they replaced.  For example, the campuses below, the overall high school graduation rate increased from 37.9% in 2002 (at the large high schools in the building) to 67.7% in 2012 in the new high schools in the same building. This translates to 2,056 more graduates per year.

* Excludes Transfer Schools. Schools presented here were all announced for phase out between 2002-2009.  **NYC traditional calculation includes Localand Regents Diplomas, GEDs, Special Education diplomas, and August graduates. It does not include disabled students in self-contained classrooms or District75 students. ***The NY State method, used since 2005, includes Local andRegents Diplomas and all disabled students. It does not include GEDs and Special Education diplomas.