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PROPOSED AND APPROVED: Description of Zone Changes for District 7 Elementary Schools in Effect for 2013-14 School Year

Proposal Information

On November 26, 2012, Community Education Council 7 voted to un-zone all District 7 elementary schools.  The approved zone changes for the 2013-14 school year may be found in the maps provided below. 


Why did the CEC approve this zone change?

·         Un-zoning elementary schools in District 7 will:

o   Increase access to educational options across the district;

o   Provide families with additional information about school options and the ability to indicate a preference from among District 7 elementary schools;

o   Create a process that reflects the preferences of individual families; and

o   Align admissions process with enrollment trends.


·         District 7 is a geographically small district where families have multiple elementary schools located within walking distance to their places of residence; un-zoning District 7 elementary schools provides students with greater access to these educational options.


·          Creating two priority areas within District 7 will:

o   Maintain regional priority without zone priority; and

o   Ensure that all students have access to nearby public schools and the transportation necessary to attend nearby public schools.


What changes should families expect as a result of this re-zoning?

·         Beginning in the 2013-2014 school year, the current elementary zones will cease to exist.  District 7 will be divided into two priority areas in which residents of each area will receive the same priority to all District 7 elementary schools within that area, subject to the Chancellor’s Regulation A-101.  Students will have greater access to more elementary school options. 


·         Through a centralized application, families may indicate their preferences among all District 7 schools to find the school that is right for each child, based on each family’s own criteria.


What will this mean for my family?

·         The proposed changes would impact only incoming Kindergarten students or students that are new to the system.  All currently enrolled students may remain at their school.  As stated in Chancellor’s Regulation A-101, Kindergarten students would be admitted in the following order of priority:


·         First PriorityStudents with verified siblings who will be enrolled in grades 1-5 in the school as of September 2013.

a.    Within Priority Area first, then

b.    Out of Priority Area, then

c.     Out of District


·         Second Priority.  Students without siblings enrolled in the school.

a.    Within Priority Area first, then

b.    Out of Priority Area, then

c.     Out of District



Where can I go for more information?

·         Website:

·         Phone Number: 718-935-2009

·         Borough Enrollment Office: 1 Fordham Plaza, 7th Floor, Bronx, 10458; 718-935-2178



New, Approved Priority Areas (2013-2014): click here 

The map shows the District 7 boundaries and all elementary and K-8 schools within District 7.  The dark blue line divides the district into two priority areas.  This line runs down the center of the street. 

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