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PROPOSED AND APPROVED: Description of Zone Changes for I.S. 30 and J.H.S. 259 William Mckinley in Effect for 2013-14 School Year

Proposal Information

On November 5, 2012, Community Education Council (CEC) 20 voted to change the current zone for I.S. 30 and J.H.S. William Mckinley.  The approved zone changes for the 2013-14 school year may be found in the map provided below. 


Why did the CEC approve this zone change?


I.S. 30, a current middle school, was approved by the Panel for Educational Policy on May 23, 2012, to expand to serve grades K-8 at scale, starting in Fall 2013.  A new elementary school zone for P.S./I.S. 30 was also approved by CEC 20 on November 5, 2012.  As a K-8 school, aligning the elementary and middle school zones of P.S./I.S. 30 will allow families to be zoned to the same school throughout elementary and middle school.


What changes should families expect as a result of this re-zoning?

·         Some students previously zoned to J.H.S. 259 Mckinley will now be zone to P.S./I.S. 30 beginning in September 2013.

·         Some students previously zoned to I.S. 30 will now be zoned to J.H.S. 259 Mckinley beginning in September 2013.


What will this mean for my family?


·         The proposed changes would impact only incoming 6th grade students or students that are new to the system. All currently enrolled students may remain in their school until graduation.


·         Students are enrolled in District 20 middle schools based on where they are zoned for middle school. Students in District 20 also have the option to complete an application for middle school if they are interested in attending a program in the district other than their zoned option. In that case, the zoned option would also be available on the middle school application for students to rank along with their other options. The application is not required and students who do not complete an application are list-noticed to their zoned middle school directly from their elementary school upon graduation.


Where can I go for more information?

·         Website:  

·         Phone Number: 718-935-2009

·         Borough Enrollment Office locations

415 89th Street

Brooklyn, 11209



New, Approved Zones (2013-2014):
To view a map of the new, approved zones (2013-14),
click here.

The thick black lines represent the proposed zone boundaries.  The solid background colors represent the current zone boundaries. The new zone boundaries will take effect in Fall 2013. 

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